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beatmania completeMIX

Release Information

  • Release date:
    • Japan: January 19th, 1999
    • United States: 1999 (as hiphopmania completeMIX)
    • South Korea: 1999 (as beatstage completeMIX)

General Information / Changes


  • The first of two beatmania compilation mixes released. completeMIX contains all of the songs from beatmania, 2ndMIX, and 3rdMIX, along with two new songs and two English versions of older songs.
  • Despite that its predecessor 3rdMIX counted combo, completeMIX does not.
  • The maximum Money Score for a song was increased from 100,000 to 200,000.
    • GREATs are worth half the base note score, and the relationship between GOODs and GREATs is unchanged.
    • The same 200,000 money score would later be adopted in the beatmania IIDX series, until its removal in BISTROVER.
  • First beatmania game to display both genres and song titles on the song select screen.
  • First beatmania game to have separate chart ratings for different difficulties.
  • First beatmania game to feature Flashing GREATs as a separate, more accurate judgment from regular GREATs.
    • As such, Flashing GREATs are worth more money score in the normal game modes, and EX score in INTERNET RANKING and EXPERT modes.
    • Although 3rdMIX did feature Flashing GREATs, it was only used to indicate an ongoing combo of at least 11 GREATs, and not as a separate judgment.
  • First BEMANI game with the alternate scoring scheme called EX Score, which would become a regular competition standard in some later BEMANI games.
    • Flashing GREATs increase the score by 2; regular GREATs increase the score by 1; GOODs/BADs/POORs do not increase or decrease the score.
    • The same scoring scheme later carried over to beatmania IIDX and subsequent games in that series.
  • First beatmania game to feature INTERNET RANKING mode, which replaces EXPERT mode while playing SINGLE or 1P & 2P (EXPERT appears instead when playing DOUBLE).
    • In both INTERNET RANKING and EXPERT, the score counter displays EX Score instead of the traditional Money Score.
    • During gameplay in INTERNET RANKING, the frame is gold instead of the standard gray (which EXPERT also uses).
    • In INTERNET RANKING, when you clear a certain number of stages in a course, an INTERNET RANKING code is displayed, which could be entered on KONAMI's official website during active INTERNET RANKING periods.
    • In INTERNET RANKING, if you fail a stage, you fail the entire course and are not allowed to continue (unlike in EXPERT).
      • This (only being allowed to continue when playing DOUBLE) would also become the default behavior for EXPERT starting in 4thMIX.
        • ClubMIX was the last game that retained this behavior; starting in DREAMS COME TRUE and through the rest of the games, you cannot continue after failing in EXPERT while playing any mode.
  • First BEMANI game worked on by CG designer Hotaru Matsuzaki, known then as MZD FIRE FLY.
  • Last beatmania game with PRACTICE mode.
  • Total songs: 44

Staff Information

Full credits: beatmania completeMIX credits

Full Song List

New Songs

Since ANOTHER charts do not have separate ratings, they will be denoted with a check mark (✓).

Genre Song Artist BPM SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Default Songs
DANCE POP Believe again (English Version) dj nagureo 130 2 2 - 2 2 -
J-TEKNO quick master (reform Version) Yohei Shimizu 145 3 3 - 3 3 -
HARD HOUSE 20,november (hard mix) DJ nagureo 130 4 5 4 5
EURO BEAT LUV TO ME (English Version) THIRD-MIX 154 - 6 - 6


Note: The nouvo nude course is not available in beatstage completeMIX.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th FINAL
dj nagureo jam jam reggae Do you love me? 20,november LUV TO ME 20,november (hard mix)
beatmania From NYC life goes on OVERDOSER (Driving Dub mix) Salamander Beat Crush mix Attack the music Deep Clear Eyes
nouvo nude find out wild I/O nine seconds area code super highway
SPECIAL Believe again (English Version) METALGEAR SOLID ~Main Theme quick master (reform Version) Acid Bomb LUV TO ME (English Version)

Codes & Unlock Information

Unlock All Songs

  • To unlock all songs in HARD mode (does not work in EASY mode), follow the steps below on the title screen while it says to press either START button.
  1. Press and hold 1+4, turn the 1P turntable clockwise once, then release 1+4.
  2. Press and hold 2+5, turn the 1P turntable clockwise once, then release 2+5.
  3. Press and hold 4, press START, then release 4 and press and hold 2 until the title screen completely fades out.
  • If successful, after HARD mode is selected, DJ BATTLE will appear on the song select screen when the turntable is rotated counterclockwise.
  • If performing the code still does not unlock songs, the turntable wiring is reversed and should be corrected.
    • When the turntable wiring is correct, rotating the turntable clockwise increases the turntable value in the I/O TEST menu, and moves right on the MODE SELECT and song select screens.
  • The unlocked state will not save between games, and the code must be entered each time before the game is started.

Unlock Secret EXPERT Course

  • To unlock the secret EXPERT course (SPECIAL), follow the steps below.
    • Note that these steps require access to the DIP switches inside the machine.
  1. Either turn the machine off, or enter the TEST MENU.
  2. Set DIP switches 1-2, 2-4, and 3-6 to ON, and 1-1 and 3-5 to OFF.
  3. Either turn the machine on, or exit the TEST MENU.
  • If successful, SPECIAL will appear in the list on the course select screen.
  • The unlocked state will remain active as long as those DIP switches are set to those positions.

Select Options

  • To select options, do so on the title screen while it says to press either START button, via one or both of the methods below.
    • Note that neither method is available while Event Mode is enabled.
Options Menu
  • Press and hold the following key button(s) for each option.
    • 1 (left white key on 1P side): BATTLE
    • 3 (middle white key on 1P side): DOUBLE
    • 5 (right white key on 1P side): HIDDEN
Key Buttons
  • Press the key buttons as specified below to select one of the following options (only one can be selected).
    • MIRROR: Press 8-10-8-7-6, 8-10-8-7-6, 8-10-8-7-6 (this pattern is from measure 19 of Do you love me?)
    • RANDOM: Press 8-10-8-7-6, 8-10-8-7-6, 8-10-8-7 (this pattern is from measure 21 of Do you love me?)
  • When one of these options is selected, after START is pressed the text "MIRROR PLAY" or "RANDOM PLAY" will appear on screen, before the MODE SELECT screen appears.

Play ANOTHER Difficulty Charts

  • On the song select screen in HARD mode (does not work in EASY mode), follow one of the methods below to play the ANOTHER chart of a song that has one.
    • Note that neither method is available while Event Mode is enabled.
  • Method A
  • Follow these steps if you are having trouble simultaneously pressing 1+6.
  1. Use the turntable to scroll the song selection screen.
  2. While the records are moving on screen, press and hold one of the two buttons (e.g. 6).
  3. Continue to hold the button, then use the turntable to highlight the song you want to play.
  4. With the button still held down, press the second button (e.g. 1) to select that song when the timer is at 11 seconds.

Event Mode

Selecting Mode During Event Mode
  • When Event Mode is enabled, there are several differences in making selections, which are as follows.
    • The options menu is not shown on the title screen, preventing selection of options from there.
      • As noted in Select Options, the "Key Buttons" options are also unavailable.
      • As such, there is no known way to select options during Event Mode.
    • The MODE SELECT menu is skipped, preventing selection of game mode.
    • Song selection is performed with the START button(s), instead of a white or black key button (1/2/3/4/5 or 6/7/8/9/10).
    • To make each selection, follow the procedures below on the song select screen.
  • Select Mode
    • Press the following button(s).
      • 1P START: SINGLE
      • 2P START: DOUBLE
      • 1P+2P START: BATTLE
        • Two-player non-BATTLE mode (DOUBLE chart with two lifebars) cannot be specifically selected while in Event Mode.
          • However, if a chart says that BATTLE cannot be played and BATTLE is selected anyway, it will play two-player non-BATTLE mode (DOUBLE chart with two lifebars).
        • Possibly due to a bug, if BATTLE was the last mode selected before the GAME OVER screen appears, the game will skip the title screen and go straight to the song select screen.

New Charts

The following songs from previous releases have received new charts in beatmania completeMIX:

Since ANOTHER charts do not have separate ratings, they will be denoted with a check mark (✓).

Genre Song Artist BPM SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
beatmania Songs
BREAK-BTS 2 gorgeous 4U prophet-31 150 2 2 - - - -
BREAK-BTS greed eater The Dust Fathers 112 - - - - 2 -
RAVE e-motion e.o.s 140-145 4 - - 4 - -
REGGAE jam jam reggae jam master '73 90 1 - - 1 - -
TECHNO OVERDOSER (romo mix) MIRAK 132 3 - - 3 - -
TECHNO OVERDOSER (ambient mix) MIRAK 132 3 - - 3 - -
HIP-HOP u gotta groove dj nagureo 94-100 - 1 - 1 1 -
beatmania 2ndMIX Songs
HARD TEKNO Acid Bomb DJ FX 140 - - - -
BALLAD (JAZZ-SOUL) Do you love me? reo-nagumo 100 2 - - 2 - -
JAPANESE HIP-HOP tokai performed by co-key DJ Mazinger 97 4 - - 4 - -
HIP-HOP STREET MIX u gotta groove (Triple Mazin Dub) DJ Mazinger 94 3 - - 3 - -

Removed Songs

The following songs from previous beatmania releases are absent from the listed international releases of completeMIX.

Song Title Artist Game
Absent from hiphopmania completeMIX
2 gorgeous 4U prophet-31 beatmania
greed eater The Dust Fathers beatmania
LOVE SO GROOVY (12inch version) LOVEMINTS beatmania
OVERDOSER (romo mix) MIRAK beatmania
OVERDOSER (ambient mix) MIRAK beatmania
u gotta groove DJ nagureo beatmania
SKA a go go THE BALD HEADS beatmania 2ndMIX
La Bossanova de Fabienne staccato two-F beatmania 3rdMIX
Stop Violence! Herbie Hammock & His Band beatmania 3rdMIX
Absent from beatstage completeMIX
tokai perfomed by co-key DJ Mazinger beatmania 2ndMIX
Believe again HYPER MEGA MIX dj nagureo featuring miryam beatmania 3rdMIX
Believe again Emotion of Sound featuring miryam beatmania 3rdMIX
find out nouvo nude beatmania 3rdMIX
LUV TO ME THIRD-MIX miryam reo yoshinori beatmania 3rdMIX

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