OVERDOSER (DrivingDubMix)

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OVERDOSER (DrivingDubMix)

Song Information

Artist: QUADRA
Composition: Hiroshi Takeyasu
Arrangement: QUADRA
BPM: 138
Length: 1:19
Movie: MiZKiNG
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania 2ndMIX
Other Music Game Appearances:



Song Connections / Remixes

  • OVERDOSER (DrivingDubMix) is a remix of OVERDOSER, from beatmania.
  • The beginning of the Double version of OVERDOSER (DrivingDubMix) sounds different compared with the Single version. This version is also used on the beatmania 2nd MIX complete album.
  • An 8-bit arrangement of OVERDOSER (DrivingDubMix) appears in beatmania GB.


  • In the beatmania series, OVERDOSER (DrivingDubMix)'s title was OVERDOSER (Driving Dub mix).
  • In beatmania 2ndMIX, beatmania CS, beatmania BEST HITS, the originating song title and genre accompanying OVERDOSER (Driving Dub mix)'s genre on the song selection screens is misspelled as overdozer (techno).
    • The song title on the songwheel of beatmania BEST HITS is also misspelled as OVERDOZER.
  • In beatmania European Edit and beatmania GB, OVERDOSER (Driving Dub mix)'s genre is MINIMAL TECHNO.
  • In beatmania 2ndMIX, OVERDOSER (Driving Dub mix)'s Double chart had a bug in measure 33 where there was an overlapping note on key 10 [1]. This was fixed in beatmania completeMIX by removing a note.
    • OVERDOSER (Driving Dub mix)'s charts were moved up to the HARD difficulty in beatmania completeMIX as well.
      • The beatmania III series has duplicates for both Single and Double charts on their respective NORMAL and HARD difficulties.
      • OVERDOSER (Driving Dub mix) received proper, brand-new NORMAL charts in beatmania THE FINAL.
  • In beatmania GB, OVERDOSER (Driving Dub mix) runs at 141 BPM.
  • OVERDOSER (DrivingDubMix) received foot ver. charts in beatmania III.
  • In the beatmania III series, the judgement window at the last notes of OVERDOSER (DrivingDubMix)'s Double charts is slightly wider. This leads to, if all notes are missed, on the result screen showing four less POORs than the TOTAL NOTES.

Song Production Information

beatmania 2ndMIX

When the song was finished, it was quite a lot harder than the current version in terms of gameplay. Songs recorded in mass production are still turning out to be quite simple. Once you get the timing down, you'll feel the pleasant feeling of chemicals being released in your brain.

beatmania completeMIX English site

A hard-driving electronic dance groove.

beatmania CS / APPEND YebisuMIX Music Column site

Hiroyuki Togo

The other day, I was critiqued as "an excited old man" by a certain friend who read this section, and I'm feeling somewhat remorseful... how are all of you doing today? Are you excited? "YAY!"
... The way in which I wrote incredibly stiff sentences in the first article about breakbeats certainly broke down with each follow-up, and I've put a stop to the lame old man jokes. I'll regain my composure here and live seriously from now on (but if the material runs out, I'll probably run back to the jokes...).

Now then, over to the meaning of "minimal" in the Bemani (!) genre name that is MINIMAL TECHNO MIX. Speaking musically, "minimal" refers to a form in which a single sound form or motif is repeated over and over. Steve Reich and Brian Eno are among the famous forefathers of the iconic "minimal" method.
In traditional genres like pop, rock, and classic, melodies basically have several kinds of structures; with pop for example, it has progressions like "Intro > A-Melo > B-Melo > Hook > Interlude" and so on.
The "minimal" method, however, is based on a completely different set of values: a sense of emptiness stemming from a repetition that rejects narrative structure, and a masochistic elation (?) coming from it being endlessly repeated, you might say... I ended up expressing it rather crudely, but to sum it up, they're conventional ways of making it easier to dance or enter a trance, and are incorporated in modern techno, hip-hop, and others.

Lyrical music, which has progression, is still at my core, and I'm also still somewhat of an amateur (?), so when I create a song that repeats just one motif, I am plagued with nervous thoughts like, "Am I not doing enough to earn the reward I get for this job?" or "Aren't listeners going to get tired of this?" Yep, I'm a great person filled to the brim with the service mindset (... sorry, I got carried away again).
However, creating good phrases that won't tire the listener, and can withstand repetition, is also difficult; it's rather tough work because you're creating them while listening to them again and again. Therefore, it isn't taking shortcuts! ... Ahem.

If you think about it, that ape-like feeling of pleasure at continuing to press buttons may be one of the things that makes beatmania interesting, but life is better when it's full of changes, and isn't something flat and minimal (... that wasn't a coherent conclusion).

Until next time, have a wonderful BEAT PLAY LIFE.
(Hiroyuki Togo, Composer & Sound Director for beatmania on PlayStation)

Video Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania difficulty rated from 1 to 9. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from KANI KANI CRAB.)

Original Charts

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Normal Hard Another Normal Hard Another
Notecounts 340 340 - 656 656 -
beatmania 2ndMIX 5 - - ※5 - -
beatmania completeMIX - 5 - - 5 -
beatmania III→beatmania III THE FINAL 5 5 - 5 5 -
beatmania CS 5 - - 5 - -
beatmania GB ※※4 - - - - -
beatmania European Edit 5 - - 5 - -
beatmania BEST HITS 5 - - 5 - -

※ Denotes chart is different from its earlier/later version of the chart:

  • beatmania 2ndMIX Double chart: total notes: 657.
  • beatmania GB Single chart: total notes: 331.

foot ver. Charts

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Normal Hard Another Normal Hard Another
Notecounts 340 340 - 345 (1P),
311 (2P)
345 (1P),
311 (2P)
beatmania III→beatmania III THE FINAL 5 5 - 5 5 -
  • Note: The foot ver. Double charts do not appear with Double Play option. They can only be played with two players.


Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Normal Hard Another Normal Hard Another
Notecounts 236 340 - 501 656 -
beatmania THE FINAL 3 5 - 6 ↑7 -