Tomomi Ohta

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Tomomi Ohta

Artist Information

  • Name: Tomomi Ohta (太田知巳)


Tomomi Ohta is one of the founding artists of the first beatmania game, alongside Reo Nagumo and Hiroshi Takeyasu. She joined KONAMI sometime in the late 1990's, with her earliest known work being the 1997 PlayStation game PARO WARS (パロウォーズ). However, despite being around since the beginning of BEMANI, Ohta has only been involved in a mere six original songs.




  • e.o.s
  • Hi-Tekno
  • Emotion of Sound
  • Prokochsky
  • ostin-art


Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement
e-motion e.o.s beatmania RAVE
e-motion (2ndMIX) e.o.s beatmania 2ndMIX RAVE -
Believe again Emotion of Sound feat.miryam beatmania 3rdMIX 80'S J-POP
SYNTH 1997 e.o.s beatmania THE FINAL EURO GROOVE
Pf Concerto No.2 Prokochsky KEYBOARDMANIA Maestro
Hi-Tekno Hi-Tekno pop'n music DANCE
ostin-art ostin-art pop'n music 4 FUTURE