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EX Score is a scoring scheme that uses an alternate scoring method for its judgement. The "EX" in "EX Score" stands for Expert, derived from Expert Mode. Originally used for INTERNET RANKING purposes, but it has since been expanded in later BEMANI games for competition purposes (such as KONAMI Arcade Championship) and as an indicator of a player's overall performance.

beatmania series

beatmania completeMIX was the first BEMANI game to use EX Score, only for EXPERT mode. Great judgements increases the score with 2 for a flashing Great (Just Great) and 1 for a regular Great. The EX Score replaces the original 100,000 Money Score in the scoring display. EX Score was only used in EXPERT Mode throughout the series' lifespan.

However, the DJ Level, the grading scheme seen in the end screen (A to H), is based on the calculation for Great judgements over the number of notes, though the exact calculation was unknown at the time.

beatmania IIDX series

EX Score was also brought forward to the sequel game but only limited for the use during EXPERT Mode like its prequel. In later games, starting on beatmania IIDX 11 IIDX RED, EX Score can be seen on the Graph Area if it is enabled. When played on EVENT Mode, the EX Score replaces the 200,000 Money Score on its display. Money Score would continue to display in the result screen until beatmania IIDX 20 tricoro. Beginning with beatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER, EX Score has been renamed to Score, with Money Score being removed and replaced by EX Score accordingly.

6th style introduced the DJ Level scheme (AAA to F), which is identical to the beatmania series as there are also eight levels and each grade have eight different ranges of one-ninths starting from two-ninth as F grade. The scoring in beatmania (2006) was changed slightly by lowering the ranges by one-ninth, with AAA now requiring at least a 7/9 instead of 8/9.

DanceDanceRevolution series

DanceDanceRevolution is the second BEMANI game to use the EX Score Scheme, beginning with DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME when used on CHALLENGE Mode.

Marvelous and O.K. judgements are worth 3 points, Perfect judgements are worth 2 points, Great judgements are worth 1 point, and Good and lower judgements are not worth any points. While EX Score was not used from SuperNOVA through X, EX Score would return in DanceDanceRevolution X2, though it could only be enabled through a keypad code in the MODE SELECT screen (3750, or 0573 when playing on Event Mode), and doing so the "USE EX SCORE" text would display. Inputting the same code again disabled this option.

This code was removed in DanceDanceRevolution A, as the EX Score was now displayed during the results screen (although in-game EX SCORE display can still be enabled by the operator in EVENT MODE). Despite this, the regular scoring system (with a cap of 1,000,000 points) is still used to this day and as a determinant for the grading level.


SOUND VOLTEX is the third BEMANI game to adopt the EX Score scheme beginning with EXCEED GEAR. The score is only used when S-Critical is enabled, and is applicable to STANDARD START/PREMIUM TIME modes when played on Valkyrie model cabinets. For chip notes, S-Critical is worth 5 points, Critical is worth 4, and Near is worth 2. For ANALOG Chains and Long Notes, a Critical is worth 2 points per chain. Like DanceDanceRevolution, the regular scoring system (with a 10,000,000 point cap) is used as a base for grading and clear medals.