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Tatsuya Mizuno

Artist Information


Tatsuya Mizuno is a BEMANI composer who first appeared in pop'n music 6 CS, where he started off writing songs and notecharts for CS pop'n music titles. He is best known for his SYMPATHY series of songs. From pop'n music 9 CS through pop'n music 12 いろは CS he was the head sound director of the CS pop'n music games. His appearances in BEMANI were rare after. He also contributed to several KONAMI titles at KPE (Konami Parlor Entertainment), such as the Parodious and Suikoden Pachinko slot machines, as well as songs for the Magical Halloween series.

Tatsuya left KONAMI in December 2020 after working 21 years for the company, which he hinted at on his twitter in a January 2021 tweet. He joined Takeshi Kuramochi's INSPION in January 2021.




  • ota2 / おたつ
  • マロンちゃん
  • 18times per 1,000
  • WATER STAND / Water Stand
  • EGOISTIC LEMONTEA (composer for)


Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement Vocals
Usual Days-remix ota2 beatmania IIDX 9th style CS DANCE POP - -
Miracle Halloween Sana BeatStream - -
ミライノトビラ Sana BeatStream - -
Magical Halloween レギュラーボーナスメドレー KPE STUDIO jubeat plus / REFLEC BEAT plus - -
ツキノキオク Sana jubeat plus / REFLEC BEAT plus - -
月の翼 Sana jubeat plus / REFLEC BEAT plus - -
Usual Days EGOISTIC LEMONTEA pop'n music 6 CS SYMPATHY -
Distance EGOISTIC LEMONTEA pop'n music 7 CS SYMPATHY 2 -
Pride 長沢ゆりか pop'n music 7 CS SPLASH -
きまぐれな風向き Water Stand pop'n music 7 CS INNOCENT
A change of probability 18times per 1,000 pop'n music 8 CS DIGI TECHNO -
Artemis .KoMoToMoK. pop'n music 8 CS LONELY - -
rings on the water PEACH TREES pop'n music 8 CS RAINY -
The chamomile of night SUZUKKI pop'n music 8 CS ADULT CONTEMPORARY - -
君と微笑みと・・・ Water Stand pop'n music 8 CS INNOCENT 2
25時ノ悪戯 足立美幸 pop'n music 9 CS NOSTALGIC - -
Angel Fish ToMo K. pop'n music 9 CS TEARS - -
redraw lots マロンちゃん pop'n music 9 CS TOYBOX -
いいひと 岡めぐみ pop'n music 9 CS LOVERS POP -
memories... EGOISTIC LEMONTEA pop'n music 10 CS SYMPATHY 3 -
さようならは言わないけれど Water Stand pop'n music 10 CS CLEARTONE
Rapunzel MAKI pop'n music 11 CS TIME TRAVEL -
流れの途中で WATER STAND pop'n music 11 CS CLEARTONE 2
僕の名前は勇気 ~鈴木歯科クリニック編~ ゆうき。 pop'n music 12 いろは CS MUSHIBA WALTZ -
突確全回転! マロンちゃん pop'n music 12 いろは CS PRETTY MIYABI -
流転と回天 WATER STAND pop'n music 14 FEVER! CS INNOCENT 3
Perverse Heart ~あまのじゃく~ EGOISTIC LEMONTEA pop'n music ラピストリア - -
Life Haya-P & Maru pop'n music Best Hits! J-POP REMIX - -
Cloudy Skies EGOISTIC LEMONTEA pop'n music portable SYMPATHY 4 -
記憶の欠片 Sana REFLEC BEAT limelight - -