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Ayako Masuda

Artist Information


Ayako Masuda is one of the earliest pop'n music vocalists, providing vocals to a handful of Yoichi Hayashi songs. She also provided lyrics for several other pop'n music CS songs, most notably for Tatsuya Mizuno's SYMPATHY series of songs, as well as for songs of the Magical Halloween series of games.


  • Maru
  • ワンダース (member of)


Song Artist Game Genre Lyrics Vocals
Usual Days-remix ota2 beatmania IIDX 9th style CS DANCE POP -
Crossing Heart 上田敦美 jubeat plus / REFLEC BEAT plus - -
ツキノキオク Sana jubeat plus / REFLEC BEAT plus - -
月の翼 Sana jubeat plus / REFLEC BEAT plus - -
Life Haya-P & Maru pop'n music CS J-POP
Give me your pain Haya-P&Maru pop'n music 2 CS CANDY POP
淋しくてLoneliness ワンダース pop'n music 2 CS SEXY GIRLS
赤いリンゴ Lollipop Tonic featuring K pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC GROOVE ROCK -
No more I love you WAX pop'n music 4 APPEND DISC NUDY
Harvest Moon 植松和俊 pop'n music 5 CS AOR -
熟れた花 ミッキー・マサシ pop'n music 5 CS FUNK ROCK -
BONANZA ミッキー・マサシ with サンダースクラッチ pop'n music 6 CS US HARD ROCK -
lasting Shaker Boo pop'n music 6 CS SPIRITUAL -
Usual Days EGOISTIC LEMONTEA pop'n music 6 CS SYMPATHY -
Distance EGOISTIC LEMONTEA pop'n music 7 CS SYMPATHY 2 -
ロケット・ラブ ミッキー・マサシ pop'n music 7 CS SWEAT -
Life Haya-P & Maru pop'n music Best Hits! J-POP REMIX
赤いリンゴ Sana pop'n music 8 GROOVE ROCK LIVE -
rings on the water PEACH TREES pop'n music 8 CS RAINY -
桃色♥時限爆弾 Haya-P & Maru pop'n music 8 CS SWISH
この夜を越えろ! ~Break The Night~ 植松和俊 pop'n music 9 CS DANDY -
memories... EGOISTIC LEMONTEA pop'n music 10 CS SYMPATHY 3 -
Rapunzel MAKI pop'n music 11 CS TIME TRAVEL -
Perverse Heart ~あまのじゃく~ EGOISTIC LEMONTEA pop'n music ラピストリア - -
Cloudy Skies EGOISTIC LEMONTEA pop'n music portable SYMPATHY 4 -