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pop'n music 12 いろは CS

Release Information

  • Release date: March 2nd, 2006
  • Retail value: 6,980 yen (7,329 after taxes)

General Information / Changes

  • First home appearance of Taisen Mode.
  • First appearance of pop'n Request Mode.
  • Spin-off games notwithstanding, this is the first console pop'n music game without a new CLASSIC song.
  • Licensed song 「名探偵コナン」メイン・テーマ is absent from the song list.
  • First CS pop'n music release with full-fledged menus that tie in to its arcade game's counterpart, as opposed to just a little box at the title screen that allows you to switch to various modes or options.
  • First CS pop'n music with preview music for songs.
  • First CS pop'n music where speed mods and Anime/TV license characters don't need to be unlocked.
  • First CS pop'n music whose website that individually credits the designers of the new CS characters.
  • Only CS pop'n music title since pop'n music 8 CS to bring over all the new hidden arcade songs from the previous pop'n music game over (not counting licenses and URA songs).
  • Scott Dolph does the narration in the game's tutorial.
  • Total songs: 102

Staff Information

  • Producer: Gyu-Tan
  • Director: Kenichi "伍長" Miyaji, Masashi "タケ フルスロットル" Takehiro
  • Sound Producer: Togo
  • Sound Director: ota2
  • Sound Programmers: ぱぺぴな, ン・ドゥ~
  • Package Designer: Sakiko "さき" Tanaka
  • Manual Designer: しーちゃん
  • Programer: Hiromitsu "KAN" Kanegae
  • Designers: あおにさい, tam, maya, 赤マン, かーる, しずもん, Motoki "イモムシ" Imanishi, LuLu, 邱丹丹 (Qiu Dandan), 毛春华 (Mao Chunhua)

Song List

Initial Songlist

Iroha AC

Iroha CS


Returning Songs

11 AC

11 CS

Hidden Ninja Scroll Unlocks

Songs are listed in order of unlocks per season.






Mini Game Unlocks

FRESH and CONTEMPORARY NATION are unlocked through mini-games. They cannot be unlocked through time release or through Arcade mode.

Unlocks Through Other Games

HARD COUNTRY and SKA are unlocked if you have GuitarFreaks V / DrumMania V CS data on your PlayStation2 memory card; if you don't, you have to enter a code or reach the certain condition to play them. The same applies to PUNKISH GIRL; you must have DanceDanceRevolution STRIKE data on your memory card for it to be unlocked.
If you are looking for a save for those games, look over at GameFAQs.

Unlock Requirements

Song Requirement
CASSANDRA, JET WORLD Play こたつとみかん and get the number 555 in the last three digits of sum of GREAT, GOOD and the max combo.
Enter the code 4466373728 in either first or second Stage.
Enter the Temporary Unlock Codes below.
Knock Out Regrets Play 脱皮 ~Knock Out Regrets~ and get the number 105 in the last three digits of sum of GREAT, GOOD and stage score.
Enter the code 4466373728 in either first or second Stage.
Enter the Temporary Unlock Codes below.

pop'n Request

All of these songs must be played in pop'n Request Mode before being playable in Arcade or Free Mode.

Mini Games

In pop'n music 12 いろは CS, two of the songs must be unlocked through mini-games, both of which use the controller to play.

Yima Mini-game

You, the Yima at the bottom, have a limited time-frame to match the pose of the Yima above you. Yima will pose in one of five poses: you must press the color at the bottom of the screen that represents this pose. If you screw up or fail to hit it in time, you lose and have to restart all over again. If you choose to play this in 2-player mode, the red button will not be used. Complete this game 100% to unlock BEYOND THE EARTH.

Bike Mini-game

Shishamo the cat (from the pop'n music 8 song チェイス!チェイス!チェイス!) and his owner Satou-san notice a sale on cat food, and race to the store to get it across 3 different levels: a road, a jungle, and outer space. Press the blue buttons to speed up, the red button to jump over obstacles, and either yellow button to break.

You start out with three lives. If you hit an obstacle, whether from above or on the ground, the cat will fly out of the basket. Right before he touches the ground he will be saved by one of three pop'n music characters: Shinobian (シノビアン赤), YOSHIO, and Shinobian-ko (シノビアンコ), in that order. If you use up all three lives and you hit another obstacle, you lose automatically. You also lose if you fail to complete any of the three levels in time. In either case, you have to restart from the first level all over again. However, if you manage to break successfully and catch your cat in the bicycle's basket, you will not lose a life. Complete all three levels to unlock チェイス!チェイス!チェイス!.

Unlocking Information

pop'n music 12's unlocking systems involves Shinobian, first seen in pop'n music 8 (the song ニンジャヒーロー⚡シノビアン even plays in the background). The unlock system is very simple: play through any mode in the arcade, and you will rank up Ninja Points. Shinobian will try to throw his shriuken on one of several scrolls under a small time limit. All you have to do is simply press the Red button at the time one of the 4 scrolls passes by in the center of the screen, each representing a different season: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Once you hit a scroll, you'll see a picture slowly unroll from the scroll. If it unrolls all the way, you unlock that song. Be careful not to hit a brown scroll: you get absolutely nothing if you do.

About halfway through Shinobian will be replaced by Shinobianko, the female ninja from Ninja Heroine via a scroll. The music will also change to that of her theme. The unlocking system doesn't change when you get her.

Once you fully complete the spring, summer, fall, and winter scrolls, one final, black scroll will pop up: hit that and fully unravel it to unlock HELL 12. You'll also unlock all the EXs for the songs new to Iroha.

Another alternative to unlock all the songs is to turn off the unlock system through arcade mode. Note that time passes by ONLY in arcade mode and only when playing songs: menus, credits, result screens, etc. do not to your time.

5 hours

  • Hidden AC songs

6 hours

  • Hidden CS songs

6.5 hours

  • Expert courses

7 hours

  • ee'MALL songs

Note that HARD COUNTRY, SKA, and PUNKISH GIRL CANNOT be unlocked over time.


MARATHON MODE is unlocked after unlocking everything through pop'n Hiden Ninpouchou (ポップン秘伝忍法帖), and all pop'n request songs. Minigames do not have to be cleared.

This mode allows the player to play all songs (including チェイス!チェイス!チェイス! and BEYOND THE EARTH, but excluding CASSANDRA, JET WORLD, and Knock Out Regrets) on a difficulty of the player's choosing (5 BUTTON, 9 BUTTON, HYPER, or EX), in order of increasing difficulty and note counts (if multiple songs have the same difficulty).

Players are given 50 lives (shown as hearts, instead of a GROOVE GAUGE), which each life will deplete for every BAD judgement without recovery during songs and the player will fail the current playthrough if all lives are depleted, similar to the EXPERT MODE GROOVE GAUGE. Unlike EXPERT MODE, lives are completely replenished only after every checkpoint, which occurs after every set number of songs, depending on the difficulty (every 6 songs for 5 BUTTON/9 BUTTON and every 3 songs for HYPER/EX). The player's progress is automatically saved at each checkpoint and can be resumed at any time, even after failing, until overwritten by a new MARATHON MODE playthrough, a new checkpoint of the current playthrough, or by clearing the current playthrough.

FEVER is achieved with a current combo count (can carry over between songs) of 100 or more.

Clearing MARATHON MODE does not unlock any new songs.

Temporary Unlock Codes

Codes can be entered on the Press Start screen and have to be entered every time you play. Played songs will not be saved. The buttons correspond to the buttons on the pop'n music controller from left to right.

In the case of using an analog controller: L2, L1, Left, Up, Right, Triangle, Circle, R1, R2. You must hold Select while entering codes on an analog controller.

Hidden AC songs and characters: 12348876
Hidden CS songs and characters: 78987179
Hidden expert courses and songs: 82347699
Hidden ee'MALL songs and characters: 38877966
PUNKISH GIRL: 97976868

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