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DanceDanceRevolution Japanese console releases
Sony PlayStation
1st - 2nd (CLUB vol.1 / CLUB vol.2) - 3rd - BEST HITS
4th - EXTRA MIX - 5th
Oha Suta - Disney's RAVE - Tokimeki
Sony PlayStation 2
MAX - MAX2 - EXTREME - Party Collection - FESTIVAL
STR!KE - SuperNOVA - SuperNOVA2 - X
Aerobics Revolution - Diet Channel
Sega Dreamcast
2nd - CLUB VER.
Nintendo Wii
i-αppli - S - S+ - Pocket Edition - ULTIMATE MOBILE
Disney Dancing Museum - MARIO
GB - GB2 - GB3 - GB Oha Suta - GB Disney
FamiMat - My First

This page is under construction.

DanceDanceRevolution STR!KE

Release Information

  • Release date: February 16th, 2006
  • Soundtrack release date:
    • DDR FESTIVAL & Dance Dance Revolution STR!KE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK: February 15, 2006 (Japan)
      • Retail value: 5,980 yen (6,279 with taxes)

General Information / Changes

  • Second "catch up" Japanese DanceDanceRevolution title. It contains some of the new licenses/covers from DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME2, the new CS songs from EXTREME2, and DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX2 new KONAMI originals & BEMANI crossovers.
  • Interface/scoring system is based on EXTREME2's.
    • It also uses the song points system for unlocking songs, courses, and arrow skins. The points system would be used for the next two PlayStation 2 Japanese CS DanceDanceRevolution games as well.
  • Like in EXTREME2, almost all songs have their own unique background videos now, even beatmania IIDX songs that once had their own videos.
    • The only songs that don't feature these kinds of videos are DoLL (which features its original beatmania IIDX video), iFUTURELIST (DDR VERSION) (which uses the original song's music video for its video), Let's Dance, You Sexy Thing (which use their original music videos), and Polovtsian Dances And Chorus (which features footage from the KONAMI game OZ, which was later released in Europe under the name The Sword of Etheria).
      • GYRUSS -FULL TILT-, which did have its own unique video in ULTRAMIX2, is replaced with a more generic video.
  • DoLL and iFUTURELIST (DDR VERSION) display each others' BPMs accidentally. This was corrected in later DanceDanceRevolution releases.
  • RHYTHM, BLUES, DRUM and BASS received new models exclusive to this release, based on previous outfits from DDR FESTIVAL -DanceDanceRevolution-.
  • Final Japanese DanceDanceRevolution title to feature backgrounds for songs upon starting them.
  • First Japanese DanceDanceRevolution title since DanceDanceRevolution 5thMIX CS to not revive older DanceDanceRevolution songs.
  • First Japanese DanceDanceRevolution title since DDRMAX to not have an EXTRA STAGE system.
  • Can unlock everything in DDR FESTIVAL through System Data Support.
  • Only DanceDanceRevolution CS title to promote the release of a movie, RIZE by David LaChapelle.
    • This replaces the Karaoke Revolution demo from EXTREME2.
  • Much like in DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME2, J.C. and SA-JA replace IZAM and NI-NA.
  • Final DanceDanceRevolution game to feature in-game Dancemania advertisements (the final arcade game with Dancemania advertisements, DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA, was limited to the game website and cabinet artwork).
  • Total songs: 52

Staff Information

Default Songlist

These are all white on the songwheel. All licenses are from EXTREME2 unless indicated otherwise.

Hidden Songs

These are all green on the songwheel. These must all be unlocked in Dance Master Mode.

Boss Songs

These are all red on the songwheel and come behind everything else. These must all be unlocked in Dance Master Mode.

Unlock Information

Similar to DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME2, most of the game's songs have to be unlocked through Dance Master Mode. Unlike EXTREME2, though, the amount of songs required to unlock is much smaller.

The following three songs are unlocked for immediate purchase if you have saved game data from various CS BEMANI titles:

Song/Dancer/Mode Unlocks

under construction

  • .59 remix: B-41 (6000)
  • 19, November: A-07 (4500)
  • GYRUSS -FULL TILT-: X-03 (4000)
  • Hit 'n' Slap: B-23 (4000)
  • i feel... (T.O.Y. Remix): C-19 (4000)
  • INJECTION OF LOVE(e): C-08 (4000)
  • Istanbul Café: B-38 (4000)
  • Knock Out Regrets: C-21 (1000)
  • La Cucaracha: B-44 (6000)
  • Luv To Me (UCCHIE'S EDITION): B-50 (4000)
  • Monkey Punk: B-21 (4000)
  • PASSION OF LOVE: B-35 (6000)
  • TOMORROW: A-08 (4500)

Course Unlocks

under construction

  • Japanese POPS: B-25

Dancers' Second Costumes

Play as any character five times in Dance Master Mode. Their second color will then be purchasable at the shop.


To unlock the special dancer Doll RHYTHM, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Play Dance Master Mode.
  • Choose RHYTHM as your dancer.
  • Obtain the prize of Area D_03's mission.
  • Clear 5 missions in a row. (The same mission can be played over and over)

Doll RHYTHM will now be your dancer. If you fail a mission, the requirements have to be met again to use her.

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