DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME CS (Japan)

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DanceDanceRevolution Japanese console releases
Sony PlayStation
1st - 2nd (CLUB vol.1 / CLUB vol.2) - 3rd - BEST HITS
4th - EXTRA MIX - 5th
Oha Suta - Disney's RAVE - Tokimeki
Sony PlayStation 2
MAX - MAX2 - EXTREME - Party Collection - FESTIVAL
STR!KE - SuperNOVA - SuperNOVA2 - X
Aerobics Revolution - Diet Channel
Sega Dreamcast
2nd - CLUB VER.
Nintendo Wii
i-αppli - S - S+ - Pocket Edition - ULTIMATE MOBILE
Disney Dancing Museum - MARIO
GB - GB2 - GB3 - GB Oha Suta - GB Disney
FamiMat - My First

DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME CS (Japan)

Release Information

  • Release Date: October 9th, 2003
    • Retail value: 6,800 yen (7,140 with taxes)

General Information / Changes

  • Contains the largest on-disc home console version songlist of any DanceDanceRevolution title, with 111 songs.
    • However, counting available DLC songpacks, DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX4 still retains the record for largest overall home console songlist with 158 songs.
  • Although based on the original arcade version, the NONSTOP MODE course music select is reused from the North America release DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution-, as opposed to the original arcade version.
  • The ARE YOU READY?, HERE WE GO, and CLEARED graphics are taken from DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution 7thMIX-, instead of the arcade version of EXTREME.
  • Bit rate quality has increased from 112kbps to 192kbps.
    • Background videos also look sharper and cleaner.
  • First Japanese DanceDanceRevolution title since DanceDanceRevolution 5thMIX CS with playable dancers in the background.
    • Every dancing character from the series up to 5thMIX is unlockable.
  • Unlike DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution-, BEGINNER charts only give a maximum score of 10,000,000, regardless of difficulty level.
    • Also unlike DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution-, BEGINNER charts don't have Groove Radar stats.
  • SENORITA (Speedy Mix) is missing from the songlist.
  • Can unlock everything in DDRMAX CS and DDRMAX2 CS through System Data Support.

Staff Information

Full credits: DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME CS JP credits

  • Director: Yasumi Takase
  • Programmer: taquashi, DAI, G's ゆき, やまもち, 満腹プログラマー
  • Designer: T-king, ダダダ, よっしぃ
  • Sound Director: U1-ASAMi
  • Producer: Hirotaka Ishikawa, Gozo Kitao
  • Executive Producer: Michihiro Ishizuka

Default Songlist

All songs listed as they are shown on the default songwheel setting.

DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME Licenses / KONAMI Originals

These are all green on the songwheel.

BEMANI Crossovers

These are all yellow on the songwheel.

Returning Songs from CS/Solo/CLUB VERSION

These are all purple on the songwheel.

Returning Songs from Main Series

These are all blue on the songlist.

Hidden Songs

DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME Song

This song is in the green category with the default new licenses and Konami originals.

BEMANI Crossovers

All these songs are in the yellow category with the default BEMANI crossovers.

New BEMANI Crossover Songs

All these are songs are in orange and come after the arcade DDR revivals on the songwheel. They also appeared on DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution-.

New CS Songs

All these are songs are in pink and come after the above songs on the songwheel. All of them (except those labeled new CS songs) appeared on DDRMAX2 -DanceDanceRevolution-.

Boss Songs

All these songs are in red and come last on the songwheel.


To access the EXTRA STAGE you must AA your last song on EXPERT or CHALLENGE difficulty.

You can choose any song on the songwheel (not limited to only boss songs), but you will be forced to play the HEAVY chart on 1.5x and Reverse. Your dance gauge, as usual in the EXTRA STAGE, will not go up as you play.

EXTRA STAGE will not appear if EVENT MODE is turned on.


To access the ONE MORE EXTRA STAGE, you must AA any boss song (not restricted to The legend of MAX as in the arcade version) for your EXTRA STAGE, including ones that were already unlocked.

Unlike the EXTRA STAGE, you can only play Dance Dance Revolution, and it will be played with the CHALLENGE chart on Sudden Death (one Good/Boo/Miss/N.G., and the song ends). You will be forced to play on x3 and Reverse.

Unlock Information

To unlock everything but dancers in DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME JP CS, you need to reach certain levels. To reach these levels, you need to complete songs/courses/arcade game sessions. You get 1 point for completing a song in Game Mode, and 0.25 points for each song completed in Challenge/Challenging Mode. The first seven unlocks only take 5 points to unlock; the following 37 take 7 each. In addition, you can also unlock certain things early through other conditions. Here is a list of unlocks in order, from Level 1 to Level 44. Unlocks that can be obtained under certain conditions are written in parenthesis next to the unlock.

This unlock list is currently under construction.

Song/Course Unlocks

  • Level 1: Dancer Options (clear a nonstop course)
  • Level 2: more deep (ver.2.1) (fail an Oni course)
  • Level 3: REMiX course (clear STANDARD course)
  • Level 4: Twin Bee ~Generation X~ (clear HOPSTEP course)
  • Level 5: SORROW course
  • Level 6: A Stupid Barber (clear FUNKY GROOVE nonstop course, or clear LESSON MODE)
  • Level 7: Scorching Moon
  • Level 8: From IIDX course (clear an Oni course)
  • Level 9: Bad Routine
  • Level 10: REVERSE road course (clear a song with REVERSE on)
  • Level 11: Forever Sunshine
  • Level 12: DARKNESS course (clear a song with DARK on)
  • Level 13: Heaven is a '57 metallic gray (gimmix) (clear a song with STEALTH on)
  • Level 14: BRAND-NEW SONGS -nonstop- course (clear A Stupid Barber)
  • Level 15: BRAND-NEW SONGS -oni- course (clear BRAND-NEW SONGS -nonstop- course)
  • Level 16: I Need You
  • Level 17: NAOKI PREMIUM course & BURNIN' THE FLOOR (MOMO MIX) (clear NAOKi neo-standard nonstop course)
  • Level 18: Try 2 Luv. U (get 20 A's on any difficulty but Beginner/Edit, or clear LESSON MODE)
  • Level 19: RevenG and TaQ course (pass 5 Oni courses)
  • Level 20: 桜
  • Level 21: sync (EXTREME version)
  • Level 22: RAP 5 course (get an A or better on 大見解 CHALLENGE)
  • Level 23: Keep On Liftin', Additional Dancers (Options/Dancer Options) (clear all nonstop courses)
  • Level 24: Last Message
  • Level 25: FROM GF & DM course (clear 三毛猫ロック HEAVY with an A or higher)
  • Level 26: Across the nightmare
  • Level 27: The Least 100sec
  • Level 28: IIDX BOSS course, xenon (clear V (for EXTREME) CHALLENGE with an A or higher)
  • Level 29: Tomorrow Perfume (get a AA on a song)
  • Level 30: un deux trois (get 50 or more A's on any difficulty but Beginner/Edit)
  • Level 31: ANGEL's course (clear 10 CHALLENGING MODE courses)
  • Level 32: 鬼の遅道 (Slow road demon) course (get an A or higher on bag HEAVY)
  • Level 33: TRIP MACHINE survivor (get an A on TRIP MACHINE survivor on the semi-final stage)
  • Level 34: 鬼の乱 (Ran demon) course (clear all the default songs on either LIGHT, STANDARD, or HEAVY difficulty)
  • Level 35: PARANOIA survivor (clear the PARANOiA BROTHERS oni course, or pass any of the PARANOiAs except survivor and survivor MAX in Game Mode on HEAVY)
  • Level 36: 真・鬼道 (Shin Oni-do) course (clear 20 Oni courses)
  • Level 37: PARANOIA survivor MAX (get a AA on all other PARANOiAs except survivor and survivor MAX on HEAVY)
  • Level 38: 伝説道 (Legendary road) course (clear 真・鬼道 course)
  • Level 39: The legend of MAX (clear The legend of MAX in the Extra Stage)
  • Level 40: ULTRA 16 course (clear 伝説道 course)
  • Level 41: Dance Dance Revolution song (clear Dance Dance Revolution as the One More Extra Stage)
  • Level 42: CREDITS (clear the One More Extra Stage, clear all nonstop courses, or clear the PARANOiA BROTHERS Oni course)
  • Level 43: ENDLESS MODE (get an A 100 or more times in GAME MODE on any difficulty but Beginner/Edit)
  • Level 44: MAX.(period), MAX QUARTET course, 2MB道 (2MB road) course (clear MAX. (period) as the Extra Stage)

Dancer Unlocks

Upon unlocking dancers with DANCER OPTIONS (see unlock information above), you will receive two random dancers. You will then receive two more dancers upon clearing a nonstop course, and more after clearing more courses, giving you 4 dancers. There are 50 more dancers plus four secret dancers, for a total of 58 dancers.

These 24 dancers don't need specific character requirements.

The following 30 hidden dancers requite a specific number of plays with the following dancers:

  • AFRO (2nd) - play 4 songs as SPACE MAN (CS1st).
  • AFRO (5th) - play 4 songs as BOLDO (3rd) .
  • AKIRA (4th) - play 4 songs as DREAD (2nd).
  • ASTRO (4th) - play 4 songs as KONSENTO:01 (1st).
  • BABY-LON (5th) - play 4 songs as JANET (2nd).
  • BOLDO (3rd) - play 4 songs as KONSENTO:02 (2nd).
  • BOLDO (4th) - play 4 songs as MAMEO (CS2nd).
  • CHARMY (3rd) - play 4 songs as AFRO (1st).
  • DEVIL-ZUKIN (4th) - play 4 songs as BOLDO (3rd).
  • DISK:A (1st) - play 4 songs as AFRO (1st).
  • DISK:B (1st) - play 4 songs as JANET (2nd).
  • DREAD (2nd) - play 4 songs as KONSENTO:01 (1st).
  • IZAM (4th) - play 4 songs as DREAD (2nd).
  • JANET (2nd) - play 4 songs as JENNY (4th).
  • JOHNNY (4th) - play 4 songs as ASTRO (3rd).
  • KAERU-ZUKIN (2nd) - play 4 songs as DISK:A (1st).
  • KONSENTO:02 (2nd) - play 4 songs as TOMAKO (CS1st).
  • KONSENTO:03 (3rd) - play 4 songs as TOMAKO (CS1st).
  • LADY (2nd) - play 4 songs as RAGE (3rd).
  • MAID-ZUKIN (4th) - play 4 songs as DISK:A (1st).
  • MAMEO (CS2nd) - play 4 songs as SPACE MAN (CS1st).
  • NI-NA (4th) - play 4 songs as AFRO (2nd).
  • NMR (5th) - play 4 songs as RAGE (3rd).
  • PRINCESS-ZUKIN (5th) - play 4 songs as OSHARE-ZUKIN (1st).
  • RAGE (3rd) - play 4 songs as OSHARE-ZUKIN (1st).
  • RAGE (4th) - play 4 songs as ASTRO (3rd).
  • ROBO2000 (4th) - play 4 songs as MAMEO (CS2nd).
  • SPIKE (5th) - play 4 songs as AFRO (2nd).
  • TAMAKO (CS1st) - play 4 songs as JENNY (4th).
  • YUNI (4th) - play 4 songs as KONSENTO:02 (2nd).

The 4 hidden dancers have the following requirements:

  • 2MB - play MAX.(period) on the 1P side.
  • U1 - play MAX.(period) on the 2P side.
  • EMI (4th) (2) - play 15 songs as EMI (4th) (1).
  • EMI(unpublished) - after unlocking all default dancers, clear GRADUATION ~それぞれの明日~ as Emi (4th) (2).

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