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DanceDanceRevolution Japanese console releases
Sony PlayStation
1st - 2nd (CLUB vol.1 / CLUB vol.2) - 3rd - BEST HITS
4th - EXTRA MIX - 5th
Oha Suta - Disney's RAVE - Tokimeki
Sony PlayStation 2
MAX - MAX2 - EXTREME - Party Collection - FESTIVAL
STR!KE - SuperNOVA - SuperNOVA2 - X
Aerobics Revolution - Diet Channel
Sega Dreamcast
2nd - CLUB VER.
Nintendo Wii
i-αppli - S - S+ - Pocket Edition - ULTIMATE MOBILE
Disney Dancing Museum - MARIO
GB - GB2 - GB3 - GB Oha Suta - GB Disney
FamiMat - My First

DanceDanceRevolution 5thMIX CS

Release Information

  • Release Date: September 20th, 2001
  • Retail value: 5,980 yen

General Information / Changes

  • Final Japanese PlayStation DanceDanceRevolution release.
    • As such, it contains several bonuses, including an art gallery with 228 different pictures and the DATA BANK, which contains over 3000+ charts for songs from all non-license group CS DanceDanceRevolution games up to that point submitted by various people over the years.
  • Only Japanese DanceDanceRevolution title with Long Version songs until DanceDanceRevolution X CS.
  • One of the few CS DanceDanceRevolution titles without ENDLESS MODE.
  • First BEMANI project worked on by Sota Fujimori, who would become one of the biggest names in BEMANI.
  • Songs with BASIC charts with a difficulty rating of 1 or 2 have a yellow and green V-shaped icon in the songwheel.
    • This is the same mark used in Japan for beginner drivers.
  • Total songs: 47

Staff Information

Full credits list: DanceDanceRevolution 5thMIX CS Credits

  • Director: Yasumi Takase
  • Programmer: Akinori Tamura, Nishibori Taquashi, K.Nagaoka, Naohiro Yamamoto
  • Designer: Yoshiko Wada, Yumi Yoshida, Tadashi Yamauchi
  • Sound Director and Composer: U1-ASAMi
  • Producer: Hirotaka Ishikawa, Toshitaka Izumida
  • Grand Producer: Michihiro Ishizuka

Default Song list

Dancemania Licenses

Konami originals

Unlockable Songs

BEMANI Crossovers

CS songs

DDRMAX Previews

Only BASIC charts are playable for these songs. They are grouped with the CS songs.

Unlock Information

Song Unlocks

  • NORI NORI NORI: clear 5 songs.
  • The Centre Of The Heart (STONEBRIDGE CLUBMIX): clear 10 songs.
  • Abyss: clear 15 songs.
  • サナ・モレッテ・ネ・エンテ: clear 20 songs.
  • Mr.T.(take me higher): clear 25 songs.
  • ON THE JAZZ: clear 30 songs.
  • I Was The One: clear 35 songs.
  • ABSOLUTE: clear 40 songs.
  • THE CUBE: clear 45 songs.
  • Look To The Sky: clear 50 songs.
  • DXY!: clear 55 songs.
  • Radical Faith: clear 60 songs.
  • Electro Tuned (the SubS mix): clear 65 songs.
  • Do It Right: clear 75 songs.
  • DIVE ~more deep & deeper style~: clear 80 songs.
  • Healing Vision (Angelic mix): clear 90 songs.

Other Unlocks

  • Gallery images are unlocked every two songs you complete. All images will be unlocked after playing 454 songs.
  • NAOKI & N.M.R.: to unlock these hidden characters, clear 70 songs.
  • U1 & 2MB: to unlock these hidden characters, clear 100 songs.
  • You can also unlock DIVE ~more deep & deeper style~ sooner by going to the Gallery mode, then going to the last page and highlighting the last column of the second row. From there, enter the Konami code with X and O corresponding to B and A. The last 5 images consisting of BeForU images along with DIVE ~more deep and deeper style~ will be unlocked.


  • Pre-ordering the game on KONAMI STYLE included a mouse pad featuring NAOKI and N.M.R. There was a 1/5 chance of the mouse pad being signed by Naoki Maeda.

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