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DanceDanceRevolution Japanese console releases
Sony PlayStation
1st - 2nd (CLUB vol.1 / CLUB vol.2) - 3rd - BEST HITS
4th - EXTRA MIX - 5th
Oha Suta - Disney's RAVE - Tokimeki
Sony PlayStation 2
MAX - MAX2 - EXTREME - Party Collection - FESTIVAL
STR!KE - SuperNOVA - SuperNOVA2 - X
Aerobics Revolution - Diet Channel
Sega Dreamcast
2nd - CLUB VER.
Nintendo Wii
i-αppli - S - S+ - Pocket Edition - ULTIMATE MOBILE
Disney Dancing Museum - MARIO
GB - GB2 - GB3 - GB Oha Suta - GB Disney
FamiMat - My First

DanceDanceRevolution GB Disney Mix

Release Information

  • Release Date: March 29th, 2001

General Information / Changes

  • Third and last console game of DanceDanceRevolution with Disney.
    • This is also the last game released on GameBoy.
  • DanceDanceRevolution GB Disney mix includes most of the songs from DanceDanceRevolution Disney's RAVE.
  • Just like Dancing Stage featuring Disney's RAVE and DanceDanceRevolution Disney's RAVE, there is no numerical scoring system during gameplay. Instead, a letter rank is given (starting with A), which improves or worsens throughout the song, depending on the player's performance.
  • One of the two GameBoy DanceDanceRevolution titles with a battery backup cartridge.
  • Total Songs: 16


Since it is impossible to do a Right Arrow + Left Arrow and Up Arrow + Down Arrow jump combination on a control pad, both A and B buttons are given as alternatives to achieve these combinations:

  • A button = Right Arrow
  • B Button = Up Arrow
    • Therefore the combination for Right Arrow + Left Arrow would be A button + Left, and the combination for Up Arrow + Down Arrow would be B button and Down.

Gameplay Modes

Normal Game (ノーマルゲーム)

Easy (かんたん)

  • Maximum 1 stage.
  • The player cannot fail, even when the player's Dance Gauge reaches zero.
    • As a result, the player can clear a song with an E rank (the lowest rank).

Fun (たのしい):

  • Maximum 3 stages.
  • The player can fail when the player's Dance Gauge reaches zero.
  • The player can unlock an accessory for Minnie's Room upon completion of all three stages.
    • The higher the total rank, the greater the chance to receive an accessory until a full collection is achieved.

Nonstop Combo (ノンストップコンボ)

  • The player has a choice of playing either BASIC or TRICK difficulty.
  • Songs are played in a random order, including songs that are unlocked.
  • The player must maintain a combo of either PERFECT or GREAT. Any other judgement will result in a immediate fail.
  • The player starts with an E rank, which improves over the course of successfully maintaining a combo count.


  • Director: Masayuki Tarao
  • Sound Planner: U1-ASAMi
  • Logo Package Design: Michiko Tokoro
  • Promotion: Yoko Sekiguchi, Yoshiko Yagi
  • Associate Producer: Masami "SIM" Shimotsuma
  • Planner: ANDROMEDA
  • Graphics: Masahiko Uchida, JUN-1, ED MATTS, KOREKORE, MIKI.I
  • Programmer: Tac-Gt
  • Program Adviser: NPC (Now Production Co.),
  • Sound: Jaico, Ayako Yamaguchi
  • Special Thanks: KONAMI AM, BEMANI Pro, KCET 4Pro DDR Team, DISNEY INTERACTIVE JAPAN, K. Itachi, Hiroyuki Nakama, Yoshitsugu Kondo, KG YAH3, KATSUMI,
  • Producer: Takashi Tateishi

Song List

Song SP Difficulty
Default Songs
Chim Chim Cher-ee 2 6
D.D.D! ~Happy 65th Anniversary for Donald Duck~ 3 6
I Want You Back 1 3
Let's Groove 2 3
Let's Twist Again 3 5
Macarena 2 3
Macho Duck 1 5
Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Version) 1 3
Night of Fire 3 5
Superstition 3 4
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah 2 4
Unlockable Songs
Mickey Mouse March (SUMMERTIME EXTENDED Version) 2 4
Mr.Bassman 5 7
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 5 8

Unlock Information

All of the following songs are unlocked through accessories in Minnie's Room (ミニーの部屋). Accessories are divided into three categories with six accessories in each category: head accessories, neck accessories, and hand accessories.

  • Mickey Mouse March (SUMMERTIME EXTENDED Version)
    • Equip the red ribbon (top left head accessory), the brooch (top right neck accessory) and the handbag (middle left hand accessory) at the same time.
  • Mr.Bassman
    • Equip the blue hat (top right head accessory), the bow tie (bottom right neck accessory) and the staff (top left hand accessory) at the same time.
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    • Equip the flower hair ornament (bottom right head accessory), the necklace (middle left neck accessory) and the bracelet (middle right hand accessory) at the same time.

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