Yasuhiro Ichihashi

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Yasuhiro Ichihashi

Yasuhiro Ichihashi

Artist Information

  • Name: Yasuhiro Ichihashi (市橋康弘)


Yasuhiro is a former KONAMI composer, who besides his works in the console releases of pop'n music, also composed music for the Castlevania series, including the first two Pachislot Akumajo Dracula games.

Currently, he is the president of Studio Halfmoon.


  • ナメカワ・キミヲ
  • ナメカワ・キミヲとザ・ハイターズ


Song Artist Game Genre Composer Arrangement Lyrics
ファーストステップ KAORI pop'n music 5 CS IDOL POP -
Sweaty Guys ナメカワ・キミヲとザ・ハイターズ pop'n music 5 CS KG -
キミに届け ふじのマナミ pop'n music 7 CS THERAPIE
Tokyo Traffic Report ナメカワキミヲとザ・ハイターズ pop'n music 9 CS SLY -
オヤシロのムスメ 後藤沙緒里 pop'n music 12 いろは CS MOE POP