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Not to be confused with the beatmania IIDX song VØID, or the GuitarFreaks & DrumMania song VOIDDD.


General Information


void is a composer known for his Be-Music Source Files (BMS). He also produces music for the Diverse System label.


  • void
  • void (Mournfinale)


  • void's SOUND VOLTEX submissions, World Vertex and Vindicator, are very similar in style to Altersist, one of his most popular BMS songs.
    • Long versions of both songs were supposed to appear on void's third album, Remind a Locus, but permission was denied by KONAMI, the first known case to ever happen with FLOOR contest songs.
  • Currently, void's BEMANI songs are all part of contests.
  • void has contributed songs for CAPCOM's CROSSxBEATS and crossbeats REV.. He also appeared as a special guest for the crossbeats REV. event on JAEPO 2015.
  • void has also made contributions to TAITO's GROOVE COASTER, SEGA's CHUNITHM, maimai and オンゲキ, and lowiro's Arcaea.


Song Artist Game Composition Arrangement
World Vertex void SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH
Devotion void (Mournfinale) SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- -
Vindicator void (Mournfinale) SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-



  • Disclude (2010)
  • Altersist (2011)
  • PERSONALLiTi (2013, as Personative)
  • Remind a Locus (2014)
  • Artifiction (2015)
  • Mesmerised (2017)
  • Perfect Solitude (2018)
  • Seventh Summer of Love (2019)


  • Godless Bird (2008)