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Yasunori Nishiki

Yasunori Nishiki

Artist Information


Yasunori Nishiki is a composer who joined KONAMI after graduating from Tokyo College of Music. In KONAMI, he mostly served as sound staff and composer of various games, from console games such as FRONTIER GATE and NEVERDEAD to arcade games, notably QUIZ MAGIC ACADEMY series which he contributed to from the seventh game in the series until the ninth, QUIZ MAGIC ACADEMY Kenja no tobira (QUIZ MAGIC ACADEMY 賢者の扉). He then handled the sound direction and music production of KONAMI's arcade card game Oreca Battle, and later the arcade version of the mobile game Dragon Collection.

Yasunori's music tend to have more orchestral sound, though he also has worked in other genres, having a wide range from light pop and electronic to rock and metal.

Yasunori started freelancing in 2015. He is in charge of the music for the SquareEnix game Project OCTOPATH TRAVELER.


  • Yasunori's Vivian alias is named after the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, as the kanji characters for Nishiki (西木) can be translated as "West wood".
  • Yasunori is married to Rina Yugi.
  • After his departure from KONAMI, Yasunori composed music for the Nintendo Switch game Solomon program (ソロモンプログラム), alongside Rina Yugi, as well for Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.
    • He also composed music for the anime adaptation of SHINE POST, a media mix project by KONAMI Digital Entertainment.
  • Yasunori has also appeared in Sanrio's SHOW BY ROCK!!.


  • Vivian


Song Artist Game Genre Composition Arrangement
Shattered control Vivian beatmania IIDX 21 SPADA CONTEMPORARY BREAKS
Wheel of Journey Vivian beatmania IIDX 23 copula ETHNIC
予選後半戦1~クイズマジックアカデミー7より~ マジックアカデミー管弦楽部 jubeat plus / REFLEC BEAT plus -
le mirage Vivian jubeat saucer -
Vanity Vivian jubeat saucer -
背徳と邪悪のエピタフ 96 vs Vivian pop'n music Sunny Park NIGHTMARE METAL
guerre à outrance Vivian REFLEC BEAT colette -Winter- -
Legendary Dragon Vivian REFLEC BEAT colette -Summer- -
祟竜ヤマタノオロチのテーマ Vivian vs 猫叉Master REFLEC BEAT colette -Autumn- - -
泡魔導士ポワンのテーマ「モンスター烈伝 オレカバトル」より オレカ音楽隊 ミライダガッキ FutureTomTom -
破壊神マハデーヴァのテーマ「モンスター烈伝 オレカバトル」より オレカ音楽隊 ミライダガッキ FutureTomTom -
プロトタイプ codeIIIのテーマ「モンスター烈伝 オレカバトル」より オレカ音楽隊 ミライダガッキ FutureTomTom -