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Yuka Saito

Artist Information


Yuka Saito is a former vocalist for the GuitarFreaks & DrumMania series. One of her more notable contributions to the series was doing three separate covers of Hitomi Yaida songs.


Song Artist Game Genre Vocals Chorus
愛のしるし (PUFFY) GUITARFREAKS 4thMIX & drummania 3rdMIX - -
My Sweet Darlin' (矢井田瞳) GUITARFREAKS 6thMIX & drummania 5thMIX -
Look Back Again (矢井田瞳) GUITARFREAKS 7thMIX & drummania 6thMIX - -
BRAND NEW LADY 斉藤由佳 GUITARFREAKS 8thMIX & drummania 7thMIX power-up ver. - -
Luvly, Merry-Go-Round (PIPO☆Angel's) GUITARFREAKS 11thMIX & drummania 10thMIX - -
こたつとみかん ピンクカプセル GUITARFREAKS 11thMIX & drummania 10thMIX NYORO ROCK -
夏の扉 (松田聖子) GuitarFreaks V2 & DrumMania V2 - -
Go my way (Hitomi Yaida) GuitarFreaks V3 & DrumMania V3 - -
Terpsichore 斉藤由佳 GuitarFreaks V5 & DrumMania V5 Rock to Infinity -
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