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BRAND-NEW UPPER! is Atsushi Shindo's second album, and his final one under his 5-year contract with KONAMI. which ended shortly after the album's release. Compared to his first album, 君を壊したい〜Triple Zero〜, it focuses less on his BEMANI work, and more on his singles.

Album Information

Artist 新堂敦士
Release Date 01/14/2004
Catalog Number POCE-7314
Published by Konami Digital Entertainment
Track List
Title From
01. Dynamic! Atomic! S.C.B.G. Dynamic! Atomic! S.C.B.G. / Crazy 4U (pop'n music 9)
02. SLOW DOWN 〜地球よ廻れ〜 SLOW DOWN〜地球よ廻れ〜 (pop'n music 5 CS)
04. 切ない夜と気まぐれとクレイジー NEW
05. KNOCK 〜闇の向こうへ〜 SLOW DOWN〜地球よ廻れ〜
06. 祈望 祈望
07. Spark! NEW
08. Eros NEW (pop'n music 11, unreleased)
09. New Sensation <Brand-new Taste> 〜Don't Cry Jesus〜 Shake! (pop'n music 9 CS)
10. I KISS YOU <Sweet Soul Ver.> I KISS YOU
11. Crazy 4 U Dynamic! Atomic! S.C.B.G. / Crazy 4U

All Songs Composed and Produced by Atsushi Shindo
All Songs Arranged by Katsuyuki Harada(Except M3,4 by Hideyuki "DAICHI" Suzuki)
Produced and Directed by Nazo² Suzuki

Guitars: Nazo² Suzuki(M1,2,5,6,7,8,11)
Atsushi Shindo(M5,11)
Hideyuki "DAICHI" Suzuki(M3,4)
Takahiro Koike(M10)
Eiji 'Shy' Moriguchi(M9)
Keyboards: Yuki Kume(M5)
Bunmei Ogawa(M6)
Bass: Tsuyoshi Mimura(M9)
Other Instruments: Katsuyuki Harada(Except M3,4 by Hideyuki "DAICHI" Suzuki)

Recording Engineers: Tomotaka Takehara, Masatoshi Sakimoto, Masakazu Kimura,
Ryo Wakizaka, Tohru Oka, Takehiko Naito, Takeshi Yanagisawa
Mastering Engineer: Hiroyuki Hosaka(CIS Hosaka Room)

Art Direction and Design: Hiroshi Banno
Photography: Tatsuya Kameyama
Styling: Hitomi Yamada
Hair & Make-up: Tetsuya Kameyama

Supervisor: TSUNKU♂

A&R: Takayuki Ogura
TV-Promotion: Satoshi Niinuma(NTV MUSIC)
Label Management: Kazuki Aoki
Executive Producer: Akihiko Nagata

Sales Staff: Universal Marketing Division
Artist Managements: Sadahiro Terai, Seiichi "ANAGO" Kawada, Yoshitake Ogawa,
Nobuyasu Umemoto(POP CREATES)
Special Thanks to: Yusuke Horigome, Motoki Sone, Ako Hoshino,
Mayumi Sakamoto, Tamaki Hirano,
「ZAIN」, Peddler, AYU, My Family & friends, and You


  • I KISS YOU <Sweet Soul Ver.> is a rearrangement of I KISS YOU, Atsushi Shindo's debut single from 1996.
  • Eros was originally planned to appear in pop'n music 11, as remnants of it can be found in the HDD. However, it does not appear in the final version of the game.

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