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Katsuhiko Suzuki

Artist Information


Katsuhiko Suzuki (born in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan), better known in pop'n music under the name Nazo²Suzuki, was a major contributor to the early pop'n music games, serving as the music director of the series from pop'n music 3 through pop'n music 7. Unlike most KONAMI BEMANI artists, Katsuhiko originally worked at KONAMI in the late 1980s/1990s, left to work at another video game company (Treasure, itself a company made of ex-Konami video game developers), and then returned back to KONAMI, where he worked on pop'n music and a few other titles. He was also a very large contributor to Sana's albums. Katsuhiko was also part of the staff of Konami Music Entertainment, Inc. from 1999 until 2003.

Katsuhiko left KONAMI again permanently in the mid-2000's to again work at Treasure. He currently runs his own music label, Right Gauge, whose best known singer is Haiko Momoi, who's a voice actress and singer with numerous roles under her belt.



  • Nazo²Suzuki


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Song Artist Genre Game Arrangement Guitar
Let the Snow Paint Me Sana AMBIENT POP beatmania IIDX 7th style -
Take me to... Sana G-POP pop'n music 3 -
和你一起走 Cathy Lau KANGTONG pop'n music 3 -
Homesick Pt.2&3 ORANGENOISE SHORTCUT SOFT ROCK pop'n music 5 -
une fille dans la pluie Fabienne Haber FRENCH POP pop'n music 5 -
une fille dans la pluie (日本語版) 新谷さなえ FRENCH POP J pop'n music 5 -
どうなっちゃったって チャーミングス HI-TENSION pop'n music 5 -
君が好きだよ ~守って守ってあげるから・・・Folky Version 新堂敦士 POWER ACO pop'n music 5 -
クチビル 新堂敦士 ALLEGRIA pop'n music 5 -
サザエさん一家 千沢祐子 SAZAE-SAN pop'n music 6 -
Flapper SASEBO BROTHERS STREET pop'n music 6 CS -
エピキュリアンへの少数意見 SASEBO BROTHERS SHUFFLE pop'n music 7 CS -
une fille dans la pluie 新谷さなえ FRENCH POP J LONG pop'n music 9 -