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Song Information

SUPER SAMURAI's DanceDanceRevolution jacket.

Artist: jun
Composition/Arrangement: jun
Lyrics: NCX
Producer: DJ Silver
BPM: 170
Length: 1:43
First Music Game Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY
Other Music Game Appearances:


I'm a Samurai comin' to NYC
I'm a Samurai comin' to NYC
I'm a Samurai comin' to NYC
to NYC, to NYC

I'm a Samurai comin' to New York
You're caught in the way of the war-lord
Lookin' for my sport

The swords get drawn
The enemies are warned
And bodies will fall when a new day dawns

I'm a Samurai comin' to NYC
to NYC, to NYC

You paid the price, you won't survive
Let my sword slice and dice
And deal death precise. When I
rise out of the shadows for heavy battles
Let my foes run and hide on the streets of the Big Apple

Explosive attack, one hundred hand-slap
I crack skulls, on katana impact
Back for revenge, I'm sent to cause mayhem
Nobody's friend, I tend to leave dead men

You're Out!

I'm a Samurai comin' to NYC
I'm a Samurai comin' to NYC
I'm a Samurai comin' to NYC
to NYC, to NYC

Song Connections / Remixes


This song has different backgrounds, banners, jackets, or other related images. For more information, please see this page.
  • SUPER SAMURAI is one of the hidden boss songs in DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY, along with tokyoEVOLVED and Pluto The First (the latter only in the Japanese version of the game).
  • SUPER SAMURAI is the only jun boss song with male vocals.
  • In DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY, SUPER SAMURAI uses the Foot Confuser gimmick.
    • Early chart data for SUPER SAMURAI can be found unused within the data of the American release of DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY. However, the only different chart is BEGINNER, which in addition to Foot Confusers, also uses the Foot Missile gimmick.
  • SUPER SAMURAI was unlocked in DanceDanceRevolution X on July 9th, 2009.
    • It received Double charts in DanceDanceRevolution X.
  • SUPER SAMURAI can be unlocked in DanceEvolution ARCADE on the Colorful jacket (カラフル・ジャケット) event, which started on May 24th, 2012.
  • SUPER SAMURAI is available in DanceDanceRevolution GRAND PRIX's GRAND PRIX mode from January 31st, 2022, by purchasing the GRAND PRIX music pack vol.2 (グランプリ楽曲パック vol.2).
    • It was also added to the other modes in the same date.

Song Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

DanceDanceRevolution difficulty rated from 1 to 10 from DDRMAX2 to SuperNOVA2, and 1 to 20 from X onwards.
DanceEvolution difficulty rated from 1 to 5. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)


Game Single Double
Beginner Basic Difficult Expert Challenge Basic Difficult Expert Challenge
Notecounts / Freeze Arrows / Shock Arrows 117 / 0 251 / 13 400 / 2 501 / 27 - / - / - 259 / 11 369 / 9 485 / 22 - / - / -
DanceDanceRevolution / Dancing Stage HOTTEST PARTY 2 6 8 10 - - - - -
DanceDanceRevolution GRAND PRIX 4 8 12 15 - 8 12 16 -
DanceDanceRevolution X 4 8 12 16 - 8 11 15 -
DanceDanceRevolution X2→Present 4 8 12 ↓15 - 8 ↑12 ↑16 -


Game Level
Light Standard Extreme Master
Dancer デイヴ(PARA PARA)
Notecounts 67 142 220 260
DanceMasters / DanceEvolution 5
DanceEvolution ARCADE ↓4