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pop'n 対戦 ぱずるだま ONLINE

Release Information

  • Release date: March 4th, 2004
  • Retail value: 4,800 yen

General Information

  • A variation of KONAMI's long-running Taisen Puzzle-dama (対戦 ぱずるだま) series of puzzle games, similar to COMPILE's Puyo Puyo series, where you clear four blobs of the same color to eliminate them off the field. The key difference in Taisen Puzzle-dama is that you only need to have three of the same color to clear them off the board. Traditionally in Taisen Puzzle-dama they're smiling circles, but in this case they're replaced by Pop-kuns.
  • Requires an installation to the PS2 HDD in order to play, as the game boots from the PlayStation Broadband Navigator or HDD Utility Disc, and does not require the game disc or a registration code. This means the game will only run on fat models of the PS2 (which has an expansion bay).
  • The only pop'n music game that doesn't feature traditional button-hitting gameplay. It was also the only one until ポップンミュージック that required you to go online to access download content.
    • None of pop'n 対戦 ぱずるだま ONLINE's DLC is available to download anymore, and the game can now only be played offline.
  • Characters are mostly taken from the pop'n music 7 era of the franchise.
  • Last BEMANI-related project worked on by Katsuhiko Suzuki prior to his leaving KONAMI.
  • Online service ended on March 31st, 2005.

Staff Information


Most of these characters have to be unlocked. Only Mimi, Nyami, the KING, and Mary are available from the get-go.

Secret / Downloadable Characters

  • Yuli [4]
  • JAGUAR-B [CS9]
  • risette [7]
  • Timer [6]
  • ししゃも [8]
  • Kagome [7]
  • Liddell [CSBH]
  • TSURARA [9]

Song List

All songs are instrumental versions.

Hidden Songs

During the course of the game, meeting certain qualifications unlocks music to play in-game, or in the option menu. Here are the songs you can unlock:

Downloadable Songs

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