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Release Information

  • Release date: June 4th, 2001

General Information

  • First (and only) installment in the MAMBO A GO GO series.
  • Game runs on the KONAMI BEMANI System 573 Digital system, the same one used for the GuitarFreaks & DrumMania series at the time.
  • No artists are listed in-game.
  • The system BGM is composed by Tomosuke Funaki [1].
  • Total songs: 18

Staff Information

Song List

Difficulties shown as N/A have no official ratings.

Genre Song Title BPM Easy Normal Hard Very Hard
Mambo Al compas del Mambo 151 1 2 4 5
Mambo EL BIMBO 115 1 1 3 6
Oldies LA BAMBA 179 3 4 5 6
Mambo MAMBO NO.5 98 1 2 3 5
KONAMI originals
Cha Cha Café del BANANO 110 1 2 3 5
Bigband Mambo Cheerful Mambo 115 3 4 4 6
Disco Dance the Night Away 125 2 2 3 5
Salsa EL DIA FELIZ 108 2 2 3 5
Piano Latina Feux d'artifica 93 3 4 4 6
Gamelan Gamelan de Couple 150 - N/A N/A 7
Bossa Lounge La brise d'été 100 2 2 3 -
Free Soul Lover's High 130 2 3 4 5
Samba Nova emoção 136 3 3 4 6
Spanish Fusion PASSION NIGHT RENDEZVOUS 125 2 3 5 6
Retro Raga POP Sci-Fi Girl 130 2 2 4 5
Funk Rock Wall Street down-sizer 160 2 4 5 5
Very Hard exclusive
Mixture Krank heit 160 - - - 8
Happy Charm One Minutes Kitchen Battle! ??? N/A N/A N/A N/A

Codes & Secrets

For reference, A refers to the left drum, B to the center drum, and C to the right drum.

  • Very Hard mode: On the Select play mode screen, highlight Hard mode then mash the C drum until it switches to Very Hard. To change back to Hard mode, mash the A drum.
  • RANDOM: On the Select music screen, press A-B-C-A-B-C.
  • FAST: On the Select music screen, hold A and press B-B-B-B.
    • Inputting it once changes to 2x speed, inputting it a second time changes it to 4x speed.
  • HIDE: On the Select music screen, hold A and press C-C-C-C.
    • Inputting it once enables HIDDEN, inputting it twice enables SUDDEN, inputting it three times enables BLINK.
  • MIRROR: On the Select music screen, press A-C-A-C-A-C.
  • FULL CANCEL: On the Select music screen, press C-B-A.


In order to unlock the EXTRA STAGE, you must collect 5 Lucky Coins. In order to collect them, you must first pass a song with a high number of HOT or DELICIOUS judgements. When selecting the next song, one song will have a coin icon on its jacket, indicating there is a Lucky Coin to be found. When playing the song, a random note will contain the Lucky Coin; if hit it will be added to the pool of Lucky Coins on the bottom-right hand side of the screen, if not the coin will remain there, allowing you to try again. The number of coins collected persists between credits, so it is not necessary (or possible) to collect all five in one credit.

Once all five coins are collected and you clear the final stage, you will proceed to the EXTRA STAGE. The only song that can be played is One Minutes Kitchen Battle!, and you are given the option to select a character before playing, with each character having their own video. One Minutes Kitchen Battle! has only a single 9-button chart for all difficulties, however it cannot be failed.

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