One Minutes Kitchen Battle!

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One Minutes Kitchen Battle!

Song Information

Composition/Arrangement: TOMOSUKE
Vocals: Shizue Tokui
BPM: 89-178
Length: 1:00
Genre: Happy Charm
First Music Game Appearance: MAMBO A GO GO
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes

  • One Minutes Kitchen Battle! is an extended version of MAMBO A GO GO's title screen theme.


  • One Minutes Kitchen Battle! is the EXTRA STAGE song of MAMBO A GO GO. It can be accessed by obtaining five Lucky Coins.
    • While on the EXTRA STAGE, players can select their MAMBO A GO GO character before playing One Minutes Kitchen Battle!. Each character has its own video for the song.
  • One Minutes Kitchen Battle!'s MAMBO A GO GO chart was created by TOMOSUKE himself [1].
    • One Minutes Kitchen Battle! has only one playable chart for all modes, without a difficulty level shown. Its BPM is not shown in the song selection screen either.
      • It is the only Easy and Normal chart to use all nine buttons.
  • The MAMBO A GO GO data credits One Minutes Kitchen Battle!'s artist as Orange Lounge, although this artist is not shown in-game.

Song Production Information


Although this is a hidden song, it's also the title song.
As suggested by the song title, this song was written with the image of a girl who can't cook, and struggles in the kitchen, trying her best to make something delicious for her beloved boyfriend.
It feels like she's having trouble handling the ingredients during the song's first half, and getting used to it and becoming more enjoyable during the second half, which has a "3-minutes cooking" mood.
However, the finished dish is... (laughs)
This song isn't exactly one minute long like Sasaki's 100sec., so please don't use a stopwatch at the arcade.

Difficulty & Notecounts

MAMBO A GO GO difficulty rated from 1 to 8.

Game Difficulty
Easy Normal Hard Very Hard
Notecounts 217 217 217 217