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AsterhYthm is BlackY's first piano album, released during the Comiket 88 event. It features the long version of Southern Cross from pop'n music, his first BEMANI song.

Compared to his regular albums, the AsterhYthm series only focuses on trance and classical piano.

Album Information

Artist BlackY Asterhythm1.jpg
Release Date 8/16/2015
Catalog Number BYBF-0005
Published by BlackY's BEATFLOOR
Track List
Title From
01. Littlebird Angel NEW
02. Brionac AD:PIANO III
03. Meligh' PLANETS 2
04. Eunomia NEW
05. sweet berry NicoNicoDouga
06. COSMOS(Extended) muzie
07. Decisive Factor AD:PIANO II
08. Inaudible Love NEW
09. infini NEW
10. sPrettual NEW
11. Southern Cross -Long Version 2015- pop'n music 20 fantasia
12. phantasia NEW

Composed and produced by BlackY
Illustration by asaya
Track 11 licensed by Konami Digital Entertainment


  • Southern Cross is currently the only pop'n music contest song with a long version.

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