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This page is for the kors k feat. Kanata Okajima&楽天斎 song titled Bounce Bounce Bounce. For the ZYTOKINE feat. itori song of the same title, please see BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE.

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Song Information

Artist: kors k feat. Kanata Okajima&楽天斎
Composition/Arrangement: kors k
Lyrics: kors k, Rakutensai
Vocals: Kanata Okajima, Rakutensai
BPM: 116
Length: 2:10
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



※Hey,People on the dance hall now 
Shake your body more and more and more 
Let's bounce bounce bounce 
Don't be shy

Hey,People on the dance hall now 
Let me see your dance all night long 
So bouce bounce bounce 
Don't be shy

お洒落して着飾れ Ladies 
キメてかかれば今日も Maybe 
Cuz you know,Push'em deeper'n'deeper'n'deeper'n'deeper'n'deeper

腰に手を回して Naughty Boys 
Hah,Hah(Like a spider) 

Clicky Clicky Boom Boom Pa 
Don't turn back from this party 
Come and get it,Do it Boy 
Touch and taste me oh right now

さあ声をあげて 行くよ Bounce Bounce yeah 
踊れ 騒げ 夜はまだまだ 
求め合い奪い合う Survival 
君と視線が合うたび So hot 
Let me see your bounce 
Let me see your bounce 
そばに来て Tell me "What's your name?"

愛を飼い男女のつがいになるくらい怖がらないで Ride On Time 
騒ぎな Bounce Bounce Bounce 
酔いたいなら Go sign 
後悔させない一夜の大航海探すアフロディーテよく見せてくれその Detail 

その腰つきは Juzst like a ドルフィン

夜は深くなり 危ない集まり 二人高めあうエンドルフィン 
没頭させるその踊りに like a ドルフィン Bounxce it 
他所には無い夜伽 楽しめ この BEAT Don't Sleep 
Come on let it go


Song Connections / Remixes



  • Bounce Bounce Bounce is the first kors k song to feature both female and male vocals in the same song.
    • It also marks Rakutensai's debut in BEMANI.

Song Production Information

kors k

The super director L.E.D., said "I like American-based resorts", and felt that there wasn't enough black music and told me to fix that.
(Considering that it really didn't relate to resorts, and that this form of American English doesn't really translate well into Japanese-style music, I really didn't want to say anything.^ ^;)

I think that I have a pretty good understanding of American pop music.
But I have never really got into black music very much.
When I told my partners about that, they said "Are you crazy?" "This is a great opportunity!".
They then taught me how to make a simple arrangement with a good scratch pattern...

But then I somehow came across a song by an American Idol (?) and was struck by the vocal arrangement.
So I decided then to arrange the song using 24 different vocal sounds for Kanata into one song.
I wasn't really used to making dubstep, and it wasn't really funny how I struggled to get the nuances of the genre.
And I was sooooo clumsy with the scratches and messing up very often. But I was determined to get it down!! (laughing)

Please let me introduce you to the other two who are featured in this song.

Originally, Rakutensai was a hardcore MC, but now he is a multi-faceted musician who handles both DJing duties and music production.
I think it would be a complement to say that he is the coolest MC in Japan.

Since first listening to his MC work, I have always wanted to work with him, so when this chance came, I jumped at the opportunity.
This song Bounce Bounce Bounce was what resulted from this collaboration.
I want to work with him on his next hardcore album.

Kanata Okajima is a very popular vocalist and songwriter figure in the J-POP industry.
Although she is younger than me, she has had an amazing career and has been credited with some big song hits.
If you are interested in her, then Google her name.

I've listened to this song recently.
Bounce Bounce Bounce! Now, everyone, repeat!

Kanata Okajima

- A melting pot where human desires are forged.-
This image of a 'hot night' helped me in singing this song.
I really enjoyed recording this song.

I was really impressed with the dynamism of Bounce Bounce!!
If you are listening to the song, and you feel that you want to jump around, go ahead!


Every day, parties for music lovers are held where all sorts of people come together, where their feelings and senses merge into one on the dance floor.
Each person has their own story to tell. There is no shame if you just want to have fun. Let's dance.

I look forward to seeing you at the party.

Video Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania IIDX difficulty rated from 1 to 12. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Beginner Normal Hyper Another Normal Hyper Another
Notecounts - 560 909 1293 507 874 1230
beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem→Present - 5 9 11 5 9 11