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Chat! Chat! Chat!

Song Information

Chat! Chat! Chat!'s pop'n music banner.

Artist: sampling masters MEGA
Composition/Arrangement: sampling masters MEGA
Lyrics: Nima
Vocals: Riko Hirai
BPM: 170
Length: 2:18
pop'n music Genre: LOVELY CAT POP (ラブリーキャットポップ)
pop'n music Character: REINA [CSp]
pop'n CG design: amamon.
First Music Game Appearance: pop'n music portable
Other Music Game Appearances:



猫猫黒猫雉鯖錆三毛 ピコピコアンテナ猫猫猫にゃ!
猫猫この猫機敏な猫猫 猫猫軽々飛び越えにゃ!
猫猫黒猫雉鯖錆三毛 フリフリ尻尾は猫猫猫にゃ!
猫猫この猫どこから来た猫 くるくる猫の目狙いを

決めて しゃっと飛べば
どんな獲物(モノ)だって 思いのままよ

猫猫黒猫雉鯖錆三毛 猫猫果敢で孤高な猫にゃ!
猫猫興味がわいたら猫猫 ムズムズ悪戯猫猫にゃ!
猫猫黒猫雉鯖錆三毛 艶艶肉球猫猫猫にゃ!
猫猫この猫強気で行く猫 万端準備で夜道を

駆けて 狩りをすれば

さみしい思いなんてさせたら 知らないから!


neko neko kuro neko kiji saba sabi mike pikopiko ANTENNA neko neko neko nya!
neko neko kono neko kibin na neko neko neko neko karugaru tobikoe nya!
neko neko kuro neko kiji saba sabi mike furi furi shippo wa neko neko neko nya!
neko neko kono neko doko kara kita neko kurukuru neko no me nerai wo

kimete shatto tobeba
donna mono datte omoi no mama yo
nani mo kowakunai shi
datte kono sekai, watashi no sekai!

neko neko kuro neko kiji saba sabi mike neko neko kakan de kokou na neko nya!
neko neko kyoumi ga waitara neko neko muzumuzu itazura neko neko nya!
neko neko kuro neko kiji saba sabi mike tsuya tsuya nikukyuu neko nekoneko nya!
neko neko kono neko tsuyoki de iku neko bantan junbi de yomichi wo

kakete kari wo sureba
jibun hitori datte ikite keru de mo
chotto samui hi ni wa
kokorobososa de mikaduki ni naita

nandaka nemui toki ni wa issho ni ite mo ii kedo
anmari shitsukoku shitari toka wa yamete!
hito naki yon da toki ni wa bannan haishi kinasai
samishii omoi nante sasetara shiranai kara!


Cats, cats, black cats, rusty-colored calico cats, bleep bloop, antenna, cats, cats, cats, meow!
Cats, cats, these cats are agile cats, cats, cats, cats, frivolously jumping, meow!
Cats, cats, black cats, rusty-colored calico cats, swishing their tails, cats, cats, cats, meow!
Cats, cats, these cats are cats coming from somewhere, the cats' eyes are looking around and taking aim

Deciding to jump right up,
Intending to find any sort of prey,
They're not afraid of anything
Because this world is my world!

Cats, cats, black cats, rusty-colored calico cats, cats, cats, bold and solitary cats, meow!
Cats, cats, rather interested cats, cats, soothing their itches, cats, cats, meow!
Cats, cats, black cats, rusty-colored calico cats, glazed, glazed meatballs, cats, cats, cats, meow!
Cats, cars, these cats are bullish, with everything ready at night

When they hunt, running, 
Even though they can live by themselves,
On a chilly day,
They feel the crescent moon in their hearts

They don't feel sleepy when staying together
Don't nag them - please stop it!
When they hear the humans calling out, they evacuate at all costs
I don't know if it makes them feel lonely!

Song Connections / Remixes



  • Chat! Chat! Chat! is Shinji Hosoe's second original song for the pop'n music series, after Violently Car.
  • Chat! Chat! Chat! is one of the TOWN1 unlocks in pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET's TOWN MODE.
    • Once unlocked in pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET, Chat! Chat! Chat! can be purchased in the TOWN MODE CD shop for 222 TP.
  • Chat! Chat! Chat! received a Battle HYPER chart on pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET.
  • Chat is French for "cat".

Music Comment


Song Production Information


Character Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

pop'n music difficulty rated from 1 to 43 through pop'n music 20 fantasia, and 1 to 50 from Sunny Park onwards. (Arcade ratings obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd. Console ratings obtained from

Game Standard Battle PSP Exclusive
5-Buttons Normal Hyper EX Normal Hyper 5B Hyper 7 Button 7B Hyper
Notecounts 231 483 891 1131 333 483 483 483 890
pop'n music portable 11 22 34 37 15 - 22 22 33
pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET ↓7 22 ↓31 37 ↓12 17 - - -
pop'n music 20 fantasia 7 22 31 ↓36 12 17 - - -
pop'n music Sunny Park→Present - 28 37 42 12 17 - - -
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