Energy of the Moon

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Energy of the Moon

Energy of the Moon is a split album between kanone and Yooh. It is the counterpart to nora2r and BlackY's Energy of the Sun, which was released alongside it during M3-39. The album contains an extended version of Cold Inflation from SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS, plus some new tracks and remixes by both artists as well as some guests.

Album Information

Energy of the Moon
Artist kanone vs. Yooh EoM Jacket.jpg
Release Date 04/30/2017
Catalog Number BYNK-002
Published by Yoohsic Roomz
Track List
Title Artist From
01. Energy Of The Moon kanone vs. Yooh NEW
02. Midnight Density kanone NEW
03. Ataraxy Yooh NEW
04. Cold Inflation (Extend Mix) kanone vs. Yooh SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS
05. Last Ocean kanone NEW
06. Shigure Yooh NEW
07. Frozen City (Yooh Remix) kanone Stella
08. Eubiquitous (kanone Remix) Yooh Eubiquitous
09. Cold Inflation (lapix Remix) kanone vs. Yooh SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS
10. Energy Of The Moon (nora2r vs. BlackY Remix) kanone vs. Yooh NEW

Composed and produced by Kanone and Yooh
Track 07 remixed by Yooh
Track 08 remixed by kanone
Track 09 remixed by Lapix
Track 10 remixed by nora2r and BlackY
Track 04 and 09 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment

CD Staff

Produce: BlackY, Yooh, kanone, nora2r
Mastering: C-Show
Illustration: 琥夢
Design: 鑓田(alpha complex)


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