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This page is for the Xceon album titled 冬椿. For the song the album is named after, please see 冬椿 ft. Kanae Asaba.


冬椿 is Xceon's second album.

Album Information

Artist Xceon Fuyutsubaki (album).jpg
Release Date 02/07/2018
Catalog Number QWCE-90014
Published by EXIT TUNES
Track List
Title Artist From
01. 冬椿 ft. Kanae Asaba (Album Long ver.) Xceon beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ
02. Too late snow (Album Long ver.) movies (moimoi×Xceon×Dai.) jubeat prop
03. 蒼が消えるとき (Album Long ver.) movies (moimoi×Xceon×Dai.) pop'n music eclale
04. Endless Future Xceon ft. Kanae Asaba NEW
05. I.M-P.U.L.S.Σ Xceon I.M-P.U.L.S.Σ
06. The Night Away (MK Remix) Starving Trancer ft. Mayumi Morinaga EDM Extreme
(DanceDanceRevolution (2014))
07. オルタネイトβ (DJ Command + FN2 Eurobeat Remix) Xceon ft. Mayumi Morinaga beatmania IIDX 23 copula
08. 幻影ノ消失 (Album Long ver.) Xceon ft. Mayumi Morinaga REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA
09. 向日葵 Starving Trancer ft. 夏川陽子 向日葵/晩冬の六花(unplugged ver.)
10. 恋風 -KOIKAZE- Xceon ft. ネコメアリ (Frost Fragment) NEW
11. Higher Maker Starving Trancer ft. 福山沙織 TVアニメ「ロボマスターズ」EDテーマ
12. history Starving Trancer ft. d-girls NEW
13. blue moment ソルラルBOB TVアニメ「えとたま」EDテーマ
(BeatStream / REFLEC BEAT plus)
14. Blue Glow Xceon ft. 竹原舞美 (Frost Fragment) NEW
15. P.I.o.t.S. Xceon EDP presents ravemania 2016 summer
16. What can I do (Vocal Mix) Xceon ft. Kanae Asaba What can I do (Vocal Mix)
17. Butter-fly Xceon ft. 福山沙織 NEW
18. 憂愁ノ雪月花 Xceon ft. Mayumi Morinaga NEW
19. Everlasting Last (Album Long ver.) HHH×MM×ST beatmania IIDX 23 copula

Composition: Xceon (All tracks)
Arrangement: Xceon (1-5, 8-19), MK (6), DJ Command (7), FN2 (7)
Additional Production: Dai. (2) Ryu☆ (19)
Lyrics: Whitebrook (1), Dai. (2, 3, 19), Miwa Watanabe (6), Ayataka (7, 8), Deko Akao (13)
Vocals: Kanae Asaba (1, 4, 16), Mayumi Morinaga (2, 3, 6-8, 18, 19), Yoko Natsukawa (9), Nekomary (10), Saori Fukuyama (11, 17), Sol/Lull BOB (13)

Preorder Bonuses
Title Remixer Shop
冬椿 (Ryu☆ Remix) Ryu☆ KONAMI STYLE
What can I do [Vocal Mix] (lapix Remix) lapix Amazon
灼熱のユートピア -新井大樹 Remix- 新井大樹 とらのあな



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