Glorious Days

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This page is for the Noria song titled Glorious Days. For the licensed song by GRANRODEO, please see Glorious days.

Glorious Days

Song Information

Artist: Noria
Composition/Arrangement: Hiroki Koga, Takayuki Ishikawa
Lyrics/Vocals: Noria
BPM: 40-83
Length: 2:02
Movie: shiro
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 7th style
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



La La La La......
I want to find the heart of my truth someday

so 鏡の中の空間、瞬間 世の中の偽善から逃げ出し
Yo...なぜ"standard"で生きていく? YAH!
自分中心いんじゃない! 人を気にせずいんじゃない!
ホントをさらけ出し生きてけば so もっとラクになる so...

青く澄んだ空に祈り続けて 美しい世界をここに
希望に満ち 優しさ広げて素晴らしい日々を....

悩みなんて1つもない 悲しくない? 誰もいない?
光と影を両手に 共存生活、競争生活 


La La La La......
I want to find the heart of my truth someday

so kagami no naka no kuukan, shunkan
yo no naka no gizen kara nige dashi
Yo... naze "standard" de ikiteiku? YAH!
jibun chuushin in janai!
hito wo kini ni sezu in janai!
honto wo sarake dashi ikitekeba so motto raku ni naru so...

aoku sunda ao ni inori zukete utsukushii sekai wo koko ni
kibou ni michi yasashisa hirogete so subarashii hitobito wo....

nayami nante hitotsu mo nai kanashikunai? dare mo inai?
hikari to kage wo morote ni kyouzon seikatsu, kyousou seikatsu

Song Connections / Remixes


  • Glorious Days marks the first appearance of BeForU member Noria in beatmania IIDX.
  • Glorious Days is Hiroki Koga's only composition in beatmania IIDX.
  • According to shiro, Noria, VJ GYO, dj TAKA, and ReR helped film Glorious Days' video.
  • Extended comments for Glorious Days appear in BeForU's official website.
  • Glorious Days is unlockable in beatmania IIDX INFINITAS from August 2nd, 2017, after purchasing its charts with BITs.

Song Production Information

beatmania IIDX


My seat is by the corner of the window in the development room, so I was called the "window seat guy", but there's a pop'n music cabinet next to it.
While listening to the music during the development of pop'n, I couldn't stop hearing an R&B rhythm in my head while thinking of a nice song to create.
From such inspiration, I received the sound source from the composer, Naya~n, and sampled "GLORIA".

I asked Noria, one of the Be For U members whom I had been talking to for some time, to participate in the vocals and rap.
Since she had no experience rapping, I was initially anxious about what would happen, but I think she did her best with her own interpretation, so I wonder if the strange mismatched feeling would conversely be able to produce a fresh quality.

BeForU Official Website

Message from TAKA

Rather than being just a producer this time, I had a strong collaboration sense, so I asked Noria to collaborate in this song's production from the rather rough arrangement stage.

All the lyrics and rhymes were written by Noria herself. Even during studio work, we exchanged opinions about takes and harmonies on equal footing, and as a result, I think it showed her different charm than before. In that sense, I'd be happy if everyone accepts the music and video without preconceptions, not as "Noria Shiraishi of BeForU", but as the new artist "Noria".

Of course I didn't touch the movie, but I heard Noria also had an idea based on VJ SHIRO's concept, which played out brilliantly. It's a song I really like which combines the entertainment of music, visuals, and games. For more information about this song, I want to introduce it in the game's official site, so by all means, please look forward to it there.


I'm Noria from BeForU. I have a solo song this time! This song called "Glorious Days" will be included in beatmaniaIIDX7thstyle. I always performed with the BeForU members, but I'm completely alone this time. It's completely different from BeForU, so I'm fully responsible for it myself.
So I was really nervous. But I could do everything myself and freely express what I want, so I think I was able to actually express myself. When I heard the song from TAKA for the very first time, it was called "GLORIA" from pop'n music, and I listened to a beautiful hymn~ which made me feel very sleepy.

"Noria, can you rap?"
"??? I've never done it before, but..."
"This song has rapping and singing."
"!!! Huh????"
"I'm remixing this song, so let's rap."
"!!! Huh!!! Yes, I'll do my best"

I decided to sing with this feeling. I wonder if this is nice? (laughs) (Yeah, it's nice. by dj.TAKA) GLORIA is a soothing song which makes me imagine a very mysterious and beautiful church. I couldn't imagine what kind of orchestra would go with HIPHOP... moreover, not only rap, but also singing the melody line... hmm~... I thought about the lyrics that TAKA said had a "dual personality" theme, while the orchestra was completed. I was surprised when I listened to the orchestra! It had a cool HIPHOP sound while maintaining the beauty of GLORIA! I said, "I have to do my best for this!!!", while fired up.

I'd already written lyrics for BeForU songs, but anyways, I was quite worried because it was "all about Noria". So, it's what I wanted to say, but something came to my mind, although it strangely didn't come at all (laughs). The theme of the lyrics, "dual personality", is that the rap song is me on the surface, and the sung part is me in a corner of my heart. That's the image. I actively live in the reality of a dirty world against myself, although I only know the world from a beautiful perspective. But I'm desperate to find my true self. My appearance is hot, and my active self continues sending messages to my heart. These are my feelings. There's even a movie created, which links with these amazing lyrics. The production staff also took great care of the lyrics, and included these "feelings" in two minutes. By all means, please play "Glorius days". Please also watch the movie carefully.

I wonder how everyone feels about Noria's first work??? I thought it'd be nice to show that I worked hard to create this song. By all means, please try to play it♪

Thank you very much, TAKA and all the IIDX staff!!

Video Production Information


I received the song's image from dj TAKA, "dual personality image", and combined the two images of a dark Noria with a conscious personality, and a light Noria with an introverted, unconscious personality, which became a semi-story movie where she awakens and goes outside.
Thanks to Noria, VJ GYO, dj TAKA, and ReR for your help in filming.

Noria was a very lovely woman in the video.
There were other best shots, but I'm very sorry that I couldn't show them.
The light Noria is wearing a dress handmade by her.
She said, "I made it because I couldn't find a dress that matched the image".
Despite her delicate appearance, she was also tough and assertive.

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania IIDX difficulty rated 1 to 7+ from 7th through 9th style, 1 to 8 in 10th style, 1 to 8+ in IIDX RED, and from 1 to 12 from HAPPY SKY onwards.

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts 210 262 411 463 - 395 461 - -
beatmania IIDX 7th style→11 IIDX RED - 3 5 N/A - 6 7 - -
beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY→Present - 3 5 6 - 6 7 - -
beatmania IIDX 7th style CS 2 3 5 5 - 6 7 - -
beatmania IIDX 10th style CS 2 3 5 5 - 6 7 - -
beatmania IIDX INFINITAS - 3 5 6 - 6 7 - -
beatmania IIDX ULTIMATE MOBILE - 3 5 6 - - - - -