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This page is for the SLAKE song titled HIGHER. For other songs of the same title, please see Higher (disambiguation).


Song Information

Artist: SLAKE
Composition/Arrangement: Takehiko Fujii
Lyrics/Vocals: Brenda Vaughn
BPM: 92
Length: 1:18
Movie: KAERU
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania 5thMIX -Time to get down-
Other Music Game Appearances:


None yet.

Song Connections / Remixes

  • On the beatmania 5thMIX location tests, HIGHER had different vocals.
    • The beatmania 5thMIX ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK nonstop megamix version of HIGHER might be the location test version of the song, as it uses vocal samples instead of Brenda Vaughn's vocals.


  • HIGHER marks vocalist Brenda Vaughn's debut in BEMANI.
    • It is also Takehiko Fujii's first BEMANI song with vocals.
  • HIGHER received a Double ANOTHER chart in beatmania completeMIX 2. This chart never appeared in the beatmania III series.

Song Production Information

The stream of piano notes in the middle of this light Jazzy Break Beats track will leave a pleasant impression on you.

Video Production Information

The vocals for the song during the location test sounded like a timid woman who wanted you to lead her somewhere.
One day, they were suddenly swapped out with powerful vocals that sounded like a woman who could climb to great heights.
Since the image of the song had changed, I scrambled to recreate the specifications for the video, and had the two programmers fix things half a day before it was released. I'll never forget the pale complexions on their faces at that time.

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania difficulty rated from 1 to 9. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from KANI KANI CRAB.)

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Normal Hard Another Normal Hard Another
Notecounts 168 192 227 204 228 228
beatmania 5thMIX 2 3 N/A 2 3 -
beatmania completeMIX 2 2 3 4 2 3 4
beatmania THE FINAL 2 3 4 ↑3 ↑4 4
beatmania III 2 3 3 2 3 -
beatmania III APPEND CORE REMIX→III THE FINAL 2 3 ↑4 2 3 -
beatmania APPEND 5thMIX 2 3 3 2 3 3
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