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Jason Borenstein

Artist Information

  • Name: Jason Michael "Stillwind" Borenstein
  • Birthdate: September 8th, 1972
  • Died: February 7th, 2009


Jason Michael "Stillwind" Borenstein was a KONAMI employee, best known for working on the DanceDanceRevolution series. He first worked as an audio designer on DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX and its sequel under the aliases of Stillwind and SuperStillwind respectively. He was then promoted to lead music director in ULTRAMIX3, and fulfilled that position as well in ULTRAMIX4.

After the ULTRAMIX series ended, Jason became the sound director of the first DanceDanceRevolution title on the Nintendo Wii, DanceDanceRevoltution HOTTEST PARTY, which was a huge hit for the system. Jason then became the sound director of DanceDanceRevolution X, making him the first - and so far only - non-Japanese person to sound direct an arcade BEMANI title. Jason would also work on DanceDanceRevoltution HOTTEST PARTY2 and DanceDanceRevolution Disney Grooves around this time as well.

Sadly, Jason Borenstein died on February 7th, 2009 from an aortic aneurysm at just 36 years old. The final video game project he worked on, DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY3, was released eight months after his death.



  • Stillwind
  • Superstillwind
  • Michael a la mode
  • dj nagi


Song Artist Game Genre Arrangement Lyrics Vocals
Guilt & Love The Plastic Ambition(jun & DJ YOSHITAKA) beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD CS SHINING RAVE - -
B4U(BEMANI FOR YOU MIX) Remixed by DJ YOSHITAKA with Michael a la mode beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS RECKLESS RAVE - -
Power 1 Steppin' Out Mix Stillwind DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX4 - - -
Power 2 stargaze mix dj nagi DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX4 DJ MIX - -
Power 3 Industry Mix Stillwind DanceDanceRevolution ULTRAMIX4 - - -
Power 1 acid-tech mix dj nagi DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE - - -
Power 2 Shuffle Mix Stillwind DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE - - -
Power 3 south beach mix dj nagi DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE - - -
FAINT PEGASUS DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 - - -
Two Months Off TECHNO MASTERS DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 - - -
Xmix3 (Stomp Dem Groove) dj nagi DanceDanceRevolution X - - -