Kenpa! Kenpa! Kenkenpanda!

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Song Information

ケンぱ!ケンぱ!拳拳ぱん打!'s jacket.

Artist: ぱんぱんぱん打
Composition/Arrangement: Qrispy Joybox
BPM: 200
Length: 1:44
Movie: ゆうき
Jacket design: ゆうき
First Music Game Appearance: BeatStream アニムトライヴ
Other Music Game Appearances:



Song Connections / Remixes



  • ケンぱ!ケンぱ!拳拳ぱん打! can be unlocked in BeatStream アニムトライヴ from August 10th, 2016 as part of the BeaSt no summer fes (ビーストのさまふぇす) event.
  • ケンぱ!ケンぱ!拳拳ぱん打!'s jacket is based on ぱんだしんけん1、2、3 ~ちえ!おっしょさんにはかなわないや!~'s one.
  • ケンぱ!ケンぱ!拳拳ぱん打!, along with Lost wing at.0, are the last original songs added to the BeatStream series.
  • ケンぱ!ケンぱ!拳拳ぱん打! is automatically unlocked in jubeat Qubell from April 13th, 2017 by having unlocked it in BeatStream アニムトライヴ before February 13th, 2017, as part of Phase 8 of the BeatStream no ano kyokutachi ga jubeat demo asobechau! (BeatStreamのあの曲達がjubeatでも遊べちゃう!) event.

Song Production Information


Video Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

BeatStream difficulty rated from 1 to Kami (神) in アニムトライヴ.
jubeat to clan difficulty rated from 1 to 10, and 1 to 10.9 from festo onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)


Game Level
Light Medium Beast Nightmare
Notecounts 134 202 532 -
BeatStream アニムトライヴ 3 6 10- -


Game Level
Basic Advanced Extreme
Notecounts / Holds 280 / 12 459 / 14 628 / 52
jubeat Qubell 3 6 9
jubeat clan→Present 3 ↓5 ↓8
jubeat plus 3 6 9
jubeat plus (Android) 3 6 9