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This page is for the RoughSketch album titled PUPPET NIGHTMARE. For the song of the same title, please see Puppet Nightmare.


PUPPET NIGHTMARE is Shohei Uno's fifth solo album under his RoughSketch alias, released during the M3-33 Spring doujin event. It is his first album to feature a BEMANI song (from the SOUND VOLTEX series). The album was released under Notebook Records, Shohei Uno's own label.

Album Information

Artist RoughSketch Puppetnightmare.jpg
Release Date 4/27/2014
Catalog Number NPCD-015
Published by Notebook Records
Track List
Title From
01. Nightmare Introduction NEW
02. Puppet Nightmare NEW (jubeat plus / REFLEC BEAT plus)
03. Dullahan NEW
04. Neo Criminals (Rayden Remix) Breaking The Rules
05. Distorted Floor (Extended Mix) SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH
06. Su5ukino Wa1ker NEW
07. Fake Star (2014 Re-Master) FAKE STAR EP
08. Time is Now (Noizenecio Remix) FAKE STAR EP
09. Tokyo NEW
10. Memory NEW
11. Anubis (Dubscribe Remix) YATSUZAKI HARDCORE VOLUME 3
12. We Still Love Hardcore BRIGHT COLORS
13. Nights for Devils and Men NEW

All tracks composed and mastered by RoughSketch
Track 5 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment
Original version of Track 12 from BRIGHT COLORS (HARDCORE TANO*C)
Additional production: DJ PLAGUE (1), Yosuke Homma (6), XIO (9), Hommarju (11)
Lyrics: RoughSketch (2, 3), DD"NAKATA"Metal (13)
Vocals: Aikapin (2), Dummy (3), DD"NAKATA"Metal (13)
Track 4 remixed by Rayden (Hardcore Blasters)
Track 8 remixed by Noizenecio (Solidbox Records)
Track 11 remixed by Dubscribe


  • The puppet who appears on PUPPET NIGHTMARE's front core is currently Shohei Uno's mascot character.
  • Distorted Floor (Extended Mix) does not appear in the digital release of PUPPET NIGHTMARE.
    • It is also the only non-intro track of the album without a preview.

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