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Not to be confused with PAPAYAPA BASS.

papayapa bossa

Song Information

papayapa bossa's pop'n music banner, as of pop'n music 16.

Artist: staccato two-J
Composition/Arrangement/Guitar: Togo
Lyrics: Fabienne Haber, Togo
Vocals: Sana&Togo
BPM: 143
Length: 1:37
Genre: BOSSA GROOVE (ボッサグルーヴ)
Movie: ?
pop'n music Character: SANAE♥chan [5-2P]
pop'n music Background: Give me your pain (pop'n music 2 CS)
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania APPEND YebisuMIX
Other Music Game Appearances:


pa paya pa paya pa
pa paya pa paya pa
pa paya pa paya pa

pa pa paya pa paya
pa pa paya pa
pa paya pa paya pa
pa paya pa pa

ya dub dub pa
ya dub paya pa
ya pa pa ya

Song Connections / Remixes

  • A French version of papayapa bossa with vocals by Fabienne Haber, titled La Bossanova de Fabienne, also appears in beatmania APPEND YebisuMIX.
  • A remix of papayapa bossa, titled Bossanova a YEBISU, is used as the ending song of beatmania APPEND YebisuMIX.
  • An extended version of papayapa bossa, titled PAPAYAPA BOSSA beatmania-DA!! Special Version, can be found in beatmania打!! and beatmania打打打!!.
  • papayapa bossa is also related to La Bossanova de Sana and its remixes.
  • An 8-bit arrangement of papayapa bossa appears in beatmania GB.


papayapa bossa's pop'n music old banner.
  • In the beatmania series, papayapa bossa's title was capitalized as PAPAYAPA BOSSA.
    • In beatmania European Edit, PAPAYAPA BOSSA's artist and genre were changed to Togo Project (feat. Sana) and ACID JAZZ, respectively.
      • The April 20th, 1999 prototype of beatmania European Edit had its genre changed to ACID JAZZ, but kept the original artist.
  • papayapa bossa was added to pop'n music 10 on February 25th, 2004 via ee'MALL 2nd avenue.
  • Before pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE, papayapa bossa's songwheel genre was papayapa bossa.
  • It's likely that pop'n music 5's SANAE♥chan was chosen as the pop'n music character for papayapa bossa because une fille dans la pluie(日本語版) also had a French version, much like papayapa bossa and its French counterpart La Bossanova de Fabienne.
  • papayapa bossa was removed from the BEMANI category in pop'n music Sunny Park.
  • papayapa bossa also appears on the Sana-molle Collection. However, it's the same exact length as the game cut.
  • In beatmania GB, papayapa bossa runs at 140 BPM.
  • papayapa bossa is available in pop'n music Lively as part of the pop'n music Lively Selection Music Pack vol.2 (pop'n music Lively セレクション 楽曲パック vol.2).

Music Comment

Nice feeling~ have a go at the bossanova.

Song Production Information

beatmania maniac-tracks Booklet

Songtress Sana has become a vital part of beatmania, pop'n music, and other music games from KONAMI.
This is the first song to feature her.
I assigned the "Papaya" scat vocals to the buttons, wanting to make a song that was easy for casual players to approach and also pleasant to the ear.

beatmania CS / APPEND YebisuMIX Music Column site

Hiroyuki Togo

The subject this time is BOSSA GROOVE from 3rdMIX and YebisuMIX.
Because I created the song myself, I didn't have to struggle gathering material to do commentary. "Bossa" is an abbreviated way of saying "bossa nova" used by jazz musicians. Why did I label it as "BOSSA GROOVE" instead of just "BOSSA NOVA" when I put the song in beatmania?

That's because native bossa nova is generally sung with a trailing, whispering voice while strumming a gut guitar (nylon strings) with a pick... the genre isn't really one that would be played at a club (any cutting-edge DJs out there want to try?), and also because it's quite difficult to put it into a music game where you're fiercly carving beats (recently in Japan it seems they call them "kurabu ge-mu" ["club games"], or "kurage" for short... kinda looks like the word for jellyfish [kurage], how gloomy [暗気ー] (this one came up during kanji conversion!)... sorry for all the double parentheses).
That's where I sped up the tempo, emphasized the beats, gave it a "Shibuya style, bossa nova family, lounge genus, French pop species, club branch" (???) nonsensical feel to it, then arranged it so that it works when playing the game.
One more reason I didn't just name it "bossa nova" is that I personally love the genre, which is why I made do with an unassuming name like "bossa groove" due to a feeling of reverence toward native bossa nova musicians. Sorry to those pursuing that path... I was careless... I messed up, please come back, Yoshiko...

As for artists who represent the genre, I can't go without mentioning Antônio Carlos Jobim, the father of bossa nova. Even the world-famous [Ryuichi] Sakamoto has cited Jobim as an artist who influenced him. Of the ones who are Japanese, songstress Lisa Ono is well-known. Brazilian music, not just bossa nova, is endlessly beautiful and deep. Among those I know: Dorival Caymmi; Caetano Veloso; Milton Nascimento; among many others. Bands like Os Mutantes, whom I listened to some time ago, have a Brazilian psychedelic soft rock feel to them, which was incredibly interesting.

Working in a job like this where I'm immersed in music, sometimes I get to where, no exaggeration, I absolutely don't want to hear any sounds outside of work, not even the sound of a television or refrigerator noise, much less some guy in the middle of a train who's got sounds rattling out of his Walkman and should be put to death! But relaxing, native music like Brazilian or Hawaiian is different. Not to the point where I get engrossed listening to it, but to where I could drink a good sake just playing it.
When you get to the latter half of your 20s, the correct way to live as an adult is to graduate from "Euro" or "blasting beat music" and enjoy bossa nova! ... and don't get into enka music, either! (I'm lying. Listen a lot to whatever you like, OK?)

"Here's some bossa nova for your city-worn heart..." (or something like that)
(Hiroyuki Togo, Composer & Sound Director for beatmania on PlayStation)

Video Production Information


Character Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania difficulty rated from 1 to 9.
beatmania GB difficulty rated from 1 to 5.
pop'n music difficulty rated from 1 to 43 through pop'n music 20 fantasia, and 1 to 50 from Sunny Park onwards. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from KANI KANI CRAB and Pop'n Music Fever.)


Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Normal Hard Another Normal Hard Another
Notecounts 143 - - 310 - -
beatmania APPEND YebisuMIX 2 - - 2 - -
beatmania GB ※2 - - - - -
beatmania European Edit (prototype) 3 - - 3 - -
beatmania European Edit 1 - - 1 - -
beatmania BEST HITS 2 - - 2 - -

※ Denotes chart has been changed from the original chart (total notes: 134).

pop'n music

Game Normal Mode Battle Mode
Notecounts 131 257 458 613 153 312
pop'n music 10→13 カーニバル (via ee'MALL) 13 16 25 30 7 15
pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE→20 fantasia 13 16 25 30 7 15
pop'n music Sunny Park→Present - 22 31 36 7 15
pop'n music Lively - 22 31 36 - -