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Rie Murakawa

Artist Information


Rie Murakawa is a voice actress and singer belonging to Stay Luck. Rie started her career in 2011, and belonged to the Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society until the autumn of 2020. Outside of BEMANI, Rie is best known for her roles as Ram in Re:Life in a Different World from Zero (also known as Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-) and Hotaru Ichijo in Non Non Biyori, and has played many stages in THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! as Arisa Matsuda.

In BEMANI, Rie was the voice of Mimi from pop'n music portable 2 to éclale, and sang Mimi/Nyami's character song TWINKLING in ラピストリア. She is currently the voice of Mio Onosaki in the BandMeshi♪ media mix project. In addition, many of her Etotama songs have been appeared in BeatStream.




  • ミミ
  • にゃ~たん
  • ソルラルBOB (member of, as にゃ~たん)
  • エトリオール (member of, as にゃ~たん)
  • beans (member of, as 奈津恵)
  • 夜叉姫神楽 (member of, as 小野崎美鶯 / うぐいす)


Song Artist Game Genre Vocals
blue moment ソルラルBOB BeatStream / REFLEC BEAT plus -
激メシ!!わがにゃの晩ごはん にゃ~たん(CV:村川梨衣)、モ~たん(CV:松井恵理子)、ピヨたん(CV:佐々木未来) BeatStream -
これがにゃあの生きる道 にゃ~たん(CV:村川梨衣) BeatStream -
ソルラルくれにゃ! エトリオール (CV:村川梨衣、松井恵理子、花守ゆみり) BeatStream / REFLEC BEAT plus -
そるらる★とんちんかん にゃ~たん (CV:村川梨衣) BeatStream / REFLEC BEAT plus -
リトライ☆ランデヴー にゃ~たん (CV:村川梨衣) BeatStream / REFLEC BEAT plus -
TWINKLING 猫叉Master feat.ミミニャミ pop'n music ラピストリア -
セカイがカフェになっちゃった! Petit Rabbit's with beans jubeat clan -
ウソツキ横丁は雨模様 夜叉姫神楽 (バンめし♪) -



  • RiEMUSiC (2017)
  • RiESiNFONiA (2018)


  • Sweet Sensation / Baby, My First Kiss (2016)
  • ドキドキの風 (2016)
  • Tiny Tiny / 水色のFantasy (2017)
  • Night terror (2017)
  • Distance (2018)
  • はじまりの場所 (2019)