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Song Information

Composition/Lyrics: Joel Kipnes, Charlotte Kelly
Arrangement: Shinichiro Murayama
Vocals: Charlotte Kelly
Album: Charlotte (1999)
BPM: 101
Length: 1:50
Genre: R&B
Movie: VJ GYO
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 3rd style
Other Music Game Appearances: None.


You, you could be right
You could be wrong
Ain't nobody else

Come along let your dress
Reflect yourself
On your own
You came unique
With mind and body

You, you could be right
You could be wrong
You would be strong
If you know that 
You were living in your own skin
Got to be yourself
Ain't nobody else

Don't you live by color
Wear it like no other
Batter up keeping it real
Any shape any sizе
You can find your own style
Get your own sex appеal

You, you could be right
You could be wrong
You would be strong
If you know that 
You were living in your own skin
Got to be yourself
Ain't nobody else

Be just what are you are
Don't take it all to heart
'Cause you get the chance to choose
Don't change yourself to suit
'Cause that would never do
Your body wasn't made for two

Song Connections / Remixes

  • SKIN is a remixed cut of Charlotte's song of the same name.


  • SKIN, along with DREAM and Let's talk it over mark Shinichiro Murayama's debut in BEMANI.
  • References to SKIN can be found in the data of beatmania 5thMIX -Time to get down-.
  • SKIN has never been on a CS beatmania IIDX release.
  • According to Takayuki Ishikawa, SHIN Murayama remixed SKIN exclusively for beatmania IIDX.
  • SKIN is the second license in beatmania IIDX that VJ GYO made a new video for, the first being lovin' you from beatmania IIDX 2nd style.
  • The game-size cut of SKIN does not appear on the beatmania IIDX 3rd style Original Soundtracks album.

Song Production Information


We've been asked to record "SKIN" by CHARLOTTE, a prodigious R&B vocalist who continues to deliver hits in the American club scene, for IIDX 3rdstyle.
This time, we asked SHIN Murayama, who has participated in the composition of "DREAM" and "Let's talk it over", to remix the song.
This special version can only be heard on IIDX 3rdstyle!
If you want to hear the original version... VJ GYO please!

Video Production Information


I'm on it!
You can hear former SOUL II SOUL lead vocalist CHARLOTTE on her world debut album, Charlotte (see cover photo above)!
When remixing this special version, the tempo of the song was increased and some of the phrases were changed, and I had some concerns about using the original movie, but with ucchie's help, I was able to match it up.
Cool and stylish are not the only words that can be used to describe this music video.
An alter ego of CHARLOTTE with an all-silver "skin"? and the walls are lined with X-ray photographs of the chest in a row of colors. It's quite mysterious and fascinating.

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania IIDX difficulty rated from 1 to 7 in 3rd style.

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts - 201 247 - - 202 247 - -
beatmania IIDX 3rd style - 2 3 - - 2 3 - -