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Beautiful Receipt was written for both DDR X3 and REFLEC BEAT limelight, as far as I know. --M.B. (talk) 04:14, 21 November 2012 (UTC)

  • It was made available via Lincle Link though. But yeah I get what u mean. Pointaken47 (talk) 04:18, 21 November 2012 (UTC)

Legend Cross IN ENGLISH!

As if anybody even cares, I translated the Legend Cross story into english. Part of this may be wrong, because I had to use a video my friend took of the screen, and several kanji were blurry or to small to read. The overall meaning should be roughly the same though. I mean, it's not a judicial inquiry, can't screw it up that bad, even if Japanese isn't my first language.

CHARACTERS: Professor: Professor Q-Pro: Your Avatar Narration: Text that pops up on screen Ripika: Red Male Joker at the end

Narration: At the end of the battle with the seven deadly sins, zero people remained in Lincle Kingdom who were standing on level ground. While the victory was good, the kingdom’s people moved to Okara garden, to rebuild their former glory. Leaving the old heart of the Kingdom behind, They worked ceaselessly building Tricoro, the largest and most fortified city ever seen. Q-Pro: To me, it seems that this is where the songs are sung (not really sure if this has any real meaning beyond face value). Professor: Ah! The one who has come by mere chance!

A new musician?  Or another adventurer?

Q-Pro: Who’s asking? Professor: Although you have a weapon, you aren’t going to fight? Q-Pro: I need to consult with my conscience… Professor: Ummm, that’s not really the answer I was expecting. You have the ”red sequence records” of ancient times (referring to the bosses of Lincle Kingdom giving things when defeated). They were removed because they stopped time from passing in the world… They seemed to have returned while the seven were distracting us. Didn’t you fight them? Q-Pro: Jeez. Here we go again… Professor: This City is the very center of engineering- we can’t let time stop! If you bring them into the city, the power of the ancients will freeze time. And they can’t be removed by sheer force like last time. Q-Pro: I didn’t bring them down with sheer force. Professor: … Q-Pro: … Professor: Then how? How did you defeat them? Q-Pro: Eh? Professor: Once you obtained a “red force sequence record”, didn’t it’s possessor submit to you? Q-Pro: I don’t remember, but I think they mentioned something about the past. Maybe they meant about time stopping to let the past catch up! Professor: Oh no… Narration: The “red force sequence records” had been brought right where they wanted to be. By pretending to submit, they had been taken out of their prisons, to the very gates of Tricoro City. And this time, they had enemies from the past on their side…

Complete IIDX RED & Resort Anthem Boss (Sync-Anthem) The boss in SYNC-ANTHEM's overlays appears as a young girl with blue hair, floating over a sea shell. She has a trident and a book in her hands. Her name is Pearl and her element is Water. • When you miss a note, the boss will use her trident to cast a spell. • The boss has a second design which is shown upon defeat (when you clear SYNC-ANTHEM).

Professor: That’s one down! I can’t believe the past has really come to the present!! Q-Pro: Those enemies were from the past? Professor: Of course! Didn’t you listen to what Mamonis said before the battle? (Mamonis doesn’t actually say anything in the game): “I will use the past to alter the future.” It means that they have enemies who won’t repeat past mistakes. Q-Pro: Eh? Professor: We need to keep working. There are a lot more threats left! Q-Pro: I wanted to take a rest. Destroying enemies is tough. Professor: … Q-Pro: … Professor: Of course it’s tough. They’re from the past, that makes them sacred entities! Narration: With the enemies of the 11th and 18th hours defeated, the next threat was preparing to attack. The adventure has only just begun. Don’t lose heart, or Tricoro City shall be lost forever.

Complete 2nd Style & 10th Style Boss (ΕΛΠΙΣ—Elpis) The boss in ΕΛΠΙΣ's overlays appears as a blonde, woman angel who wields a golden sword. Her name is elpis‡煌‡ and her element is Gold. • The overlays of .59 also depict an angel. • When you miss a note, the boss will rush toward the screen. • The boss has a second design which is shown when you fail to Normal Clear ΕΛΠΙΣ.

Complete DistorteD & DJ Troopers Boss (S!ck) The boss in S!ck's overlays appears as a grotesque, purple alien; it resembles the creature seen in XTC's overlays of ay carumba!!!!. Its name is S!ck and its element is Soil. • The appearance of the boss resembles kors k's pose that has been popularized in his Facebook and twitter pages.

Complete 6th Style & 8th Style Boss (rumrum triplets) The bosses in rumrum triplets' overlays appear as three children floating around various toys. Their names are HINATA, AI and MAYU, and their element is Tree. • Of the three children, AI is the one who appears and vanishes at the beginning and at the end of rumrum triplets, respectively.

Complete Gold & Lincle Boss (Conceptual) • The boss on CONCEPTUAL's overlays appears as a man who has control over fire. His name is Aguna and his element is Fire.

Complete Unknown Boss (Thor’s Hammer) The design of the bosses in Thor's Hammer's overlays, the ユニバーサル度胸兄弟 (Universal Brothers of Courage), are based on the Tran aliens from the overlays of DIAVOLO. Their element is Yang and in one of the event cutscenes they're introduced as sacred entities, although their song is not a revival Legend Cross song. • When you miss a note, the bosses will breathe fire toward the screen simultaneously.

Narration: The final enemy was defeated, the last crystal collected. It was time to re-seal the enemies inside the “red sequence records” once and for all. But the quest was far from over… Q-Pro: Well, that’s the end of that huh? Professor: Yes, but something is troubling me… All the other enemies we faced before that one were from the past… Yet this one wasn’t… Q-Pro: Well, we defeated it, right? Professor: Of course we did… It’s not still attacking us… Q-Pro: So what’s the problem, I still got the last crystal we needed to seal the “red sequence records” again. Professor: … Q-Pro: … Well, no, one crystal is still missing… Q-Pro: How? I defeated all the sacred entities! Professor: My guess is that the last one wasn’t a crystal from the past. Only the present. Q-Pro: Does that mean someone even more powerful is waiting!? Ripika: You fools… You gathered all the crystals without ever guessing the truth… Q-Pro: Ripika, you’re still alive!! (Apparently Ripika was a boss in The story mode of Sirius). Ripika: Of course, did you really think I would give up so easily? Come forth my minions! Professor: TWO sacred entities from the past! We’re in serious trouble now! This must mean that the crystal from the last enemie was really an amplifier! Q-Pro: Ehhhhh?! Ripika: Hehehe… You underestimated me… This time I won’t hold back! Professor: We can’t give up now! We defeated you once, we’ll defeat you again! Even without the crystals to aid us! Q-Pro: Ehhhh?!

Narration: With the crystals in Ripika’s possession and two sacred entities at his side, the ultimate battle for Tricoro City was about to begin. The final battle shall shake the very foundations of the earth. Good luck, don’t give up!

Complete One More Extra Stage Boss (Plan 8) The boss in Plan 8's overlays is Red Ripika, one of the joker villains in the story of beatmania IIDX 20 tricoro. • In the first half of the song, the boss appears as a chibi character like in the LEGEND CROSS cutscenes. Only in this form, its animations are played regardless of the player's performance. • In the second half of the song, the boss evolves to its second, "magic blade" form. It appears as a huge, red mech which is based on the chibi version. The red Boss Crystals float around it. If the boss is not attacking or not being damaged, the bright shield that envolopes it becomes temporarily visible. • When you miss a note, the real form of Red Ripika comes out from the mech and attacks the Q-pro avatar with the Boss Crystals. • In the last cutscene of LEGEND CROSS, Red Ripika retreats.

There ya have it. If you don;t care abut the story feel free to completely ignore this post, I just thought I'd put it here after I translated Q-Pronicle Chord. I'm currently working on translating the other unlock stories (Ω-ATTACK and Our Space War). After that, Q-Progue will also be translated along with Chrono Seeker). If anybody could send me a youtube link to those stories, I'd be very grateful...


  • It's the first style to use layers across all screens (Entry->Mode Select->Music Select). Don't know how to make it sound RemyWiki-friendly.
    • On another note, Rootage uses a different BGM for the music select screen entirely while retaining the layers for the entry and mode select screens. --t7r (talk) 16:13, 30 November 2019 (UTC)
    • Added the tricoro bit. --FinalOffset (talk) 17:14, 30 November 2019 (UTC)