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Contributor of some romaji lyrics and other trivia I stumble across. Believer in user pages being the safest place in RemyWiki to say Akhuta is Project B-.

BEMANI Sound Team theories

Instead of flooding other pages with moniker theories I will just list current observations in my own user page. It's a long shot Konami Amusement says anything about it. So far, the following have been effective November 1st, 2017 with a few examples and future possibilities:

Songs where the BEMANI Sound Team moniker is added

Songs where the BEMANI Sound Team moniker is not added

  • Only the commission vocalist is credited and not the in-house composer (for examples' sake I'll link to the composers and not the vocalists)
  • Collaborations primarily involving in-house staff explicitly not listed
  • Collaborations involving in-house staff explicitly listed and commission artists to form a new group name on its own

Other notes

  • The above examples mainly include current in-house staff as of this writing.
  • ジャカルタファンクブラザーズ may have the moniker if KA is treating it as an alias for Naoyuki Sato, who was credited to solely doing the composition for both songs in the OSTs.
  • Rotten Blotch might have the moniker if Asaki sings the next song. Asaki can bypass the moniker if he gets another vocalist to sing the song.
  • This disregards other external rules (e.g. Live action videos involving in-house staff stopped, etc.)
  • MarL may or may not be involved in o†o but the capital L's in the vocalist's alias give it away.
  • colored strings being named as such probably means dj TAKA is involved. /speculation