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Prefer to be known as t7r so it's shorter. Contributor of some romaji lyrics and other trivia I stumble across.

I also maintain a spreadsheet containing the number of songs under the BEMANI Sound Team moniker per composer out of boredom. [1]

Any inquiries, there's either the Talk page or t7r#1419 at Discord.



High Priority

  • DDR UM OST missing songs page

Medium Priority

Low Priority


BEMANI Sound Team theories

Instead of flooding other pages with moniker theories I will just list current observations in my own user page. It's a long shot Konami Amusement says anything about it. So far, the following have been effective November 1st, 2017 with a few examples and future possibilities:

Songs where the BEMANI Sound Team moniker is added

  • New songs by individual in-house staff released after above date
  • Collaborations with at least one in-house staff explicitly listed
  • Merged/portmanteaus of primary aliases of more than one in-house staff
  • Collaborations but only because there is one composer and the rest have other roles (e.g. vocalist, video appearance)

Songs where the BEMANI Sound Team moniker is not added

  • Only the commission vocalist is credited and not the in-house composer (for examples' sake I'll link to the composers and not the vocalists)
  • Collaborations primarily involving in-house staff explicitly not listed
  • Collaborations involving in-house staff explicitly listed and commission artists to form a new group name on its own

Other notes

  • The above examples mainly include current in-house staff as of this writing.
  • ジャカルタファンクブラザーズ may have the moniker if KA is treating it as an alias for Naoyuki Sato, who was credited to solely doing the composition for both songs in the OSTs.
  • Rotten Blotch might have the moniker if Asaki sings the next song. Asaki can bypass the moniker if he gets another vocalist to sing the song.
  • This disregards other external rules (e.g. Live action videos involving in-house staff stopped, etc.)
  • MarL may or may not be involved in o†o but the capital L's in the vocalist's alias give it away.
  • colored strings being named as such probably means dj TAKA is involved. /speculation

Really Unofficial Lyrics

This section shows what I transcribed by ear but I don't really want to put in their respective articles because I probably didn't nail them 50% word for word. They're here for reference if anyone wants to simply sing along to wrong stuff before OST's come out.

Tail Lights

※This is goodbye, glowing in the night, a swarm of butterflies
Flowing like the rain coming down from my eyes
Tail lights, a river afloat me cries, moving on tonight
Leaving all my memories behind
Somewhere on this highway you'll be just another illusion to me

Saw it coming as I grew up high you kept on hiding, so wait for me and you
You were only playin' the game, change into another lane but it's too late
Too late to change
I won't be staying

Now I know the truth behind the lies in your eyes
And I can't be with you anymore
It's time for me to move on
And finally, I will be able to fly like the butterfly
I've kept inside of my heart

I can finally spread my wings

Flying, soaring now

I can finally spread my wings



Winner's Proof ft. KANASA from bless4

This is my call.

Oh can you feel it, the way the game excites you?
Now are you ready today? Let the beat hit you!

Try, try, try, try, give it all you've got!
Do you think you'll make it?
Fly, fly, fly, fly, wanna take my spot?
Look me in the eye!

Just try to bring me down, I'll let you in!
Just wish you were me, legendary
No one has ever gotten close and never break a sweat
When my head rests, goodbye 'cause I'm unstoppable

Oh no, when I'm rockin' the room an hour ago
Put action to me, everyone can see the winner's proof, baby
This is my call.

Give it to me, give your everything, baby
As you can see, you have to quit baby
Action into me, it's the winner's proof baby, baby!
This is my call.

Winner's proof.

Lethal Weapon

So hearing my noise
A shadow now walked out to me
A very good smile
Taking gain at his gaze

And even though I
Meant and to be past my fears
And I would depart
Time is up. To get up!

This time you look like a powerful prince
on your feet
This time prince have a result
My tears will drop, he better win
My stars we can look from above entirely
It's that game that we look like a cut
the cabinet
it falls silently

This time you look like a powerful prince
on your feet
This time prince have a result
My tears will drop, he better win
My stars we can look from above entirely
This trapping that's easiest power down the cabinet
you won
Outer core
we tell looking at last to go away
There is a ring noise