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Ha, didn't notice the Mystic Moon tidbit was added.

The only NON-legit way to definitely confirm the Mystic Moon = PON theory would be to check the songlist batch (assuming there's one like in the IIDX hdds) in the TUNE STREET files and see if The Zoo Zone is near Street Style and Babel Next Story. Songlist batches are always correct, but since this is a VERY dirty-dirty thing... it's not a really good suggestion.

  • pop'n music orders the songs based on the date where they were added, leaving a couple of spaces for future DLC. --FinalOffset (talk) 21:15, 15 July 2012 (UTC)
  • Oh wow. Well, guess like one has to hope that Daichi shows up as PON/Power of Nature (very low chances but who knows) in tricoro and there you go. -- UBerserker
  • Once I get enough info I can check where Howling is placed in the tricoro songlist index, and compare said position to where Quick Silver was in the Lincle songlist index. -- UBerserker