Un-Balance ~from pop'n music 3~

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This page is for the single titled un-Balance 〜from pop'n music 3〜. For the song from pop'n music 3, please see un-Balance.

un-Balance 〜from pop'n music 3〜

un-Balance 〜from pop'n music 3〜 is one of two singles released to promote pop'n music 3.

Album Information

un-Balance 〜from pop'n music 3〜
Artist Various Artists
Release Date 11/26/99
Catalog Number KMDA-3
Track List
Title Artist From
01. un-Balance 佐藤千晶 pop'n music 3
02. 8月のサヨナラ aprésmidi pop'n music 3
03. 僕らは完璧さ SUGI&REO pop'n music
04. un-Balance (カラオケ) NEW
05. 僕らは完璧さ (カラオケ) NEW

Composition: Papala Kawai (1,4), HIRO (2), REO (3,5)
Arrangement: Papala Kawai (1,4), HIRO (2), REO (3,5)
Lyrics: Chiako Sato & Papala Kawai (1), SUGI&Sana (2), SUGI (3)
Vocals: Chiako Sato (1), SUGI&Sana (2), SUGI (3)


  • 僕らは完璧さ goes by its full name, I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU 〜僕らは完璧さ, inside of un-Balance 〜from pop'n music 3〜's booklet.

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