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Artist Information


mikanzil (みかん汁) is a young doujin vocalist who runs her own circle, みかん汁ふりかけ.


  • mikanzil is a SKILL Level.10 player in SOUND VOLTEX.
  • mikanzil has also appeared in SEGA's maimai でらっくす series under her 月島春果 alias.


  • みかん汁 / mikanzil


Song Artist Game Genre Lyrics Vocals
ずっとそばにいさせてよね! Music by 音遊人 -mu-jin-, Vocal by みかん汁 SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH - -
ゴーイング マイ ウェイ! 8284 feat. みかん汁 SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- - -
カレクレンマ Music by アサヒナユウ, Vocal by みかん汁 SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- - -
ゴーストマスコット はるなば feat. みかん汁 SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN - -
Believe (y)our Wings {V:IVID RAYS} RASIS COLORS (かめりあ ft. 紫崎 雪ぁゅかぼちゃKuroa*SOPHY、みかん汁、みゅい) SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE - -
Bye or not PSYQUI feat. mikanzil SOUND VOLTEX VIVID WAVE - -
La Nostra Storia! polysha w/ mikanzil SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR - ?
サクラノソバニ! Ray_Oh feat.みかん汁 SOUND VOLTEX EXCEED GEAR -




  • フォースピース (2019)
  • Bitter Sweet Idealism (2020, with kamome sano, as Limonène)
  • Sour Salty Realism (2020, with kamome sano, as Limonène)
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