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Song Information

Carezza's jacket.

Artist: Osamu Kubota
Composition/Arrangement: Osamu Kubota
BPM: 128
Length: 1:50
Genre: Swing
Movie: shige
First Music Game Appearance: KEYBOARDMANIA 3rdMIX
Other Music Game Appearances:



Song Connections / Remixes

  • The ノスタルジア series uses a remastered version of Carezza, mixed by Takabumi Itoh (ongaq).


  • Carezza is Osamu Kubota's only original song for the KEYBOARDMANIA series.
  • Carezza's Double REAL chart holds the record for the highest notecount of any KEYBOARDMANIA chart, with 1139 notes.
    • Also, its ANOTHER chart has the highest notecount of any ANOTHER chart, with 845 notes.
  • Carezza is The 7th KONAMI Arcade Championship Finals' song of ノスタルジア FORTE. It could be unlocked as part of ノスタルジア FORTE's Hakunetsu no KAC ensoukai (白熱のKAC演奏会), from February 15th to March 5th, 2018.
    • It could be unlocked again from June 27th to July 24th, 2018.
    • In ノスタルジア Op.2, it can be unlocked from February 7th, 2019 as part of the Kaidan (階段) unlocking system.
    • In ノスタルジア Op.3, it can be unlocked from March 26th, 2020, by clearing The 7th KAC Special Exam (The 7th KAC スペシャル検定) in EXAM mode.

Music Comment


Song Production Information


Video Production Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

KEYBOARDMANIA difficulty rated from 1 to 6.
ノスタルジア difficulty rated from 1 to 12. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from KEYBOARDMANIA Wiki.)


Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Light Light+ Real Another Light+ Real
Notecounts / Hold Notes 405 / ? 407 / ? 676 / ? 845 / 0 ? / ? 1139 / 0
KEYBOARDMANIA 3rdMIX 6 6 6 6 6 6
KEYBOARDMANIA II 2ndMIX & 3rdMIX 6 6 6 6 6 6


Game Level
Normal Hard Expert Real
Notecounts 456 889 1377 -
ノスタルジア FORTE 4 8 12 -
ノスタルジア Op.2→Present 4 ↑10 12 -
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