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Artist Information


DOLCE. is the first recognized KONAMI Pro Player, a former top player in the beatmania IIDX series, and notable for his records in the early KONAMI-held tournaments. His first appearance was on 2006's BEMANI Top Ranker competition where he finished third place, and would go on to win four champion titles (2008 BEMANI Top Ranker, KONAMI Arcade Championship 2011, 2013, and The 5th). In 2012, he was named BEMANI Master, by having the highest score in the Qualifier rounds in that year's KONAMI Arcade Championship, and was the beatmania IIDX division runner-up, losing to MADOKA.

In 2016, DOLCE. signed a contract with KONAMI to become the first Recognized Pro Player. Since then, he has frequently appeared in commentaries and as a presenter in many BEMANI live-stream programs.

On March 29th, 2021, DOLCE. announced that he would cease his contract in favor of participating on the BEMANI PRO LEAGUE 2021. On April 3rd, 2021, he was drafted in the APINA VRAMeS team which consist of himself, UCCHIE, NIKE. and KENTAN. His team was named the winning team on the finals held on October 2nd, 2021. However, on March 31st, 2022, DOLCE. announced that he will not be participating in the second season of said competition.


  • He was nicknamed by fans as "the Great Demon King" (大魔王; Daimaou) due to the top player status at the time. He was alternately nicknamed as "Monster Scratcher" (妖怪皿回し; Youkai saramawashi) due to his proficiency on scratching turntables and topping many scratch-intense songs, and "Son of DJ AUTO" (DJ AUTOの弟子; DJ AUTO no deshi).
  • His Twitter handle, dolce_iwate, is based on his DJ name and his birthplace, Iwate.
  • Dolce is Italian for "sweet".
  • The beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK album includes a review by DOLCE. of the songs included in the album.
  • DOLCE.'s play side is 2P.
  • DOLCE. uses the default Q-pro avatar.
  • DOLCE.'s alternate aliases are "7-UP" and "KA".

Video Appearances