Pink Turbo

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Pink Turbo

Artist Information


  • マキノ (MAKINO) - Vocals
  • 斎藤昇 (Noboru Saitou aka NOBO) - Guitar

Former Members

  • DEN - Guitar/Bass (August 2007 - ?)
  • 龍太郎 (Ryutaro) - Drums (December 2007 - December 2008)
  • みさとっち (Misatocchi) - Bass (July 2008 - December 2009, on hiatus from the band)
  • HARUPON! - Drums (December 2008 - December 2009)


Pink Turbo was a J-pop/pop punk/rock band based in Japan. The group made their first BEMANI-related appearance on Ryu☆'s first album starmine performing starmine -swallowtail mix-, a remix of starmine which would later appear in pop'n music and REFLEC BEAT. The band also performed songs in the DanceDanceRevolution, GuitarFreaks & DrumMania, beatmania IIDX, and jubeat series, making the group one of the few groups outside of the BEMANI music team to have an original song in each of the five major active BEMANI series at the time.

Pink Turbo dissolved on May 8th, 2012. Since then, Makino has sung on her own in various BEMANI songs.



  • ピンクターボ


Song Artist Game Genre Composition Performance
DAYDREAMER ピンクターボ beatmania IIDX 18 Resort Anthem GIRLY ROCK
☆shining☆ ピンクターボ DanceDanceRevolution X2 - -
kiss me ピンクターボ GuitarFreaksXG & DrumManiaXG -
The 勇気 ピンクターボ GuitarFreaksXG2 & DrumManiaXG2 Groove to Live -
serial number ピンクターボ GuitarFreaksXG3 & DrumManiaXG3 -
pandora -追憶の彼方へ- ピンクターボ コナステ GITADORA - -
fellow ピンクターボ jubeat knit - -
starmine -swallowtail mix- ピンクターボ pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝 HAPPY CUTE ROCK -
ふゆこい ピンクターボ pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET WINTER CUTE ROCK