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This page is for the beatmania IIDX version of Prince on a star that was also crossed over to DanceDanceRevolution and beatmania. For the pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE arrangement of Prince on a star, please see Prince on a Star.

Prince on a star

Song Information

Prince on a star's banner.

Composition/Arrangement: Hiroshi Takeyasu
Lyrics/Vocals: Linda Gish
Drums: Kiyotaka Sugimoto
BPM: 144 (beatmania, beatmania IIDX, DanceDanceRevolution), 145 (beatmania III ANOTHER only)
Length: 1:33
Movie: KAERU (beatmania), VJ GYO (beatmania IIDX)
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX
Other Music Game Appearances:


Game Size

Once upon a time, there was a little young boy
He was walking, along the road like stranger
Dreaming one day he'd be a big man
He'll keep trying, try and reach for the sky

He gets lost the more that he tries, why oh why
He feels all the pain, why oh why
'Cause the babies cry when there's few to feed the world

He gets lost the more that he tries, why oh why
He feels all the pain, why oh why
'Cause a woman's still up safe when she's filled with love

Long Version

Endless nights
Will almost fade away
Whole new sky
I'm ready to go higher

In your universe
I sparkle
You hve shown me
what it means to be

♡  I'm a prince on a star
   that only shines
   when you look at me
   I hope you notice my light
   Cuz for you I burn my soul

You reflect like a mirror
The good inside me
Am I worth to do
The same for you?

Now I stand
On top of my fate
Just to street it
Towards wherever you are

♡♡ I'm a prince on a star
   As long as you
   Make me be one
   It's your call to overthrow me
   But princess
   You're too sweet for that

If I see you
Drown in darkness
I will flash
To burn the shadows away


Princess Whispers


そばにいて 髪を撫でながら

二人の星座 描くの

聞かせてよ 夢物語を

朝陽 迎えないように




"いつも いつの日も




Song Connections / Remixes

  • The ANOTHER charts version of Prince on a star sounds different from the other charts' version of the song.
  • A rearranged long version of Prince on a star featuring new lyrics and vocals by Sana, titled Prince On A Star (another story), appears on the beatmania THE BEST PROMINENT album.
  • A Japanese cover of Prince on a star arranged by Mitsuhiro Tada, titled Prince On A Star ~Princess Whispers~, can be found on Yukari Tamura's 2003 single, Lovely Magic. These new lyrics were written by Sana.
  • A remastered version of Prince on a star with new vocals and lyrics by Tomoka Hino, titled Prince on a Star, appears in pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE.
  • A follow-up/sequel to Prince on a star, titled Horizons of Promise, appears in beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE.


  • Prince on a star marks the first appearance of Kiyotaka Sugimoto in the beatmania IIDX series.
  • Prince on a star received ANOTHER charts in beatmania IIDX substream. These charts were made by wac.
  • Prince on a star received LIGHT charts in beatmania IIDX 3rd style.
  • Prince on a star's 14KEY chart had the highest number of notes in beatmania IIDX at that time of its debut, with 715 notes.
    • This short-lived record would be beaten the following game by Macho Gang's ANOTHER14 chart, which had 846 notes.
  • In the beatmania series, Prince on a star's title is capitalized as PRINCE ON A STAR.
  • ookami-boy appears in the beatmania animations for PRINCE ON A STAR.
  • PRINCE ON A STAR received ANOTHER charts in beatmania completeMIX 2.
  • Prince on a star is the first KONAMI original song to be covered by a commercial artist.

Song Production Information


This alternative rock song is another crossover from IIDX.
Playing 2P on this song is like playing in a band, so get together with someone and give it a try.


This is a refreshing UK pop soul song which feels appropiate in the UK dance charts.
The clear vocals, refreshing and simple distorted guitars, create an extremely nice British rock sound complemented by a mute guitar-styled chorus, and various acid analog sounds.

Video Production Information

It's almost embarrassing how romantic I ended up making the video.
10 out of 10 people thought that it was a girl in the above background... I intended for it to be a boy.
I had this weird determination to make the prince have a bob haircut.
Feel free to try and imagine your own unique story by cobbling the various pieces of art together.
For example, what if the wolf boy that appears mid-song is actually the prince?

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania difficulty rated from 1 to 9.
beatmania IIDX rated from 1 to 5 in 1st style through substream, 1 to 7 from 2nd through 4th style, 1 to 7+ in 9th style, 1 to 8 in 10th style, 1 to 8+ in 11 IIDX RED, and 1 to 12 from 12 HAPPY SKY onward.
DanceDanceRevolution difficulty from 2ndMIX CLUB through 5thMIX (and the Solo games) rated from 1 to 9. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from KANI KANI CRAB.)


Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Normal Hard Another Normal Hard Another
Notecounts 280 407 491 536 694 726
beatmania 5thMIX 4 6 - 4 6 -
beatmania completeMIX 2 4 6 7 4 6 7
beatmania THE FINAL ↓3 6 7 ↑6 ↑8 ↑8
beatmania III 4 5 - 4 5 -
beatmania III APPEND CORE REMIX→APPEND 7thMIX 4 ↑6 7 4 ↑6 -
beatmania III THE FINAL 4 6 7 4 6 7
beatmania APPEND 5thMIX 4 6 - 4 6 -
beatmania BEST HITS - 6 - - 6 -
beatmania APPEND ClubMIX - - 7 - - 7

beatmania IIDX

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts - 332 428 499 - 592 715 823 -
beatmania IIDX - - 5 - - - 5 - -
beatmania IIDX substream→2nd style - - 5 N/A - - 5 N/A -
beatmania IIDX 3rd style→4th style - 4 5 N/A - 4 5 N/A -
beatmania IIDX 9th style→10th style - 4 5 N/A - 4 5 N/A -
beatmania IIDX 11 IIDX RED - 4 5 N/A - 4 ↑7 N/A -
beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY→15 DJ TROOPERS - 4 5 6 - ↑5 ↑8 10 -
beatmania IIDX 3rd style CS - 4 5 5 - 4 5 5 -
beatmania IIDX 10th style CS - 4 5 5 - 5 7 7 -


Game Single Double
Beginner Basic Difficult Expert Challenge Basic Difficult Expert Challenge
Notecounts / Freeze Arrows / Shock Arrows - / - 178 / 0 205 / 0 224 / 0 - / - / - 220 / 0 214 / 0 - / - - / - / -
DanceDanceRevolution 2ndMIX CLUB VERSiON 2 - 5 6 7 - 6 7 - -
DanceDanceRevolution 2ndReMIX APPEND CLUB VERSiON vol.1 - 5 6 7 - 6 7 - -
DanceDanceRevolution CLUB VERSiON (DC) - 5 6 7 - 6 7 - -