S2TB Files:Disconation

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S2TB Files:Disconation

S2TB Files:Disconation is kors k's first album, released during the Comiket 67 event. It marks the first entry in his S2TB Files series.

Album Information

S2TB Files:Disconation
Artist kors k S2TBFilesDisconation.jpg
Release Date 12/30/04
Catalog Number S2TB-0001~2
Published by S2TB Recording
Track List
Disc1 - separate
Title From
01. ready to start NEW
02. Rave on(Disconation’s theme) NEW
03. again NEW
04. random NEW
05. Never Bring U Down NEW
06. Shining Stars(eurobeat version) NEW
07. higher NEW
08. 5am(hate no hama) NEW
09. last day NEW
10. requiem(piano version) NEW
non-stop mix - Disc2
01. weekend high NEW
02. again NEW
03. Never Bring U Down NEW
04. random NEW
05. 傷 (disconation mix) NEW
06. requiem(original mix) NEW
07. hell gate NEW
08. Love Is Eternity(original extended)
special bonus track
beatmania IIDX 10th style
09. cry for you(S2TB ReEdit) NEW

Produced by kors k
Lyric: AIRI(Disc1 M3), PROJECT-U(Disc1 M6), suzy(Disc2 M1), Yukino Koja(Disc2 M4)
Compose: kors k(expect Disc1 M6)
Disc1 M6 compose: Naoki Atsumi
All instruments played&programming by kors k

Vocal: 246(Disc1 M2), AIRI(Disc1 M3), Yukino Koja(Disc1 M6&Disc2 M5), Sylverr(Disc2 M1)

Recording engineer: kors k, Kazuki Tominaga
Mixed: kors k, Kazuki Tominaga
Mastered by Kazuki Tominaga
Studio: studio S2TB, FOL

Photography: T.Kally&Hiro Kobayashi
Art direction+Design: T.Kally
Movie produce: Hiro Kobayashi

Special thanks to my family,my friends, Takayuki Ishikawa
Ysk,Haranoya-san,Otsuka-san,Hiroshi Wakamatsu(FOL)
and all of people listened to this album&my music

S2TB Recording



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