S2TB Files Best&Rare Archives

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S2TB Files Best&Rare Archives

The final release in the S2TB Files series of albums, S2TB Files Best&Rare Archives is an anthology that celebrates all of kors k's achievements during his time under S2TB Recording, covering many of his contributions under the doujin scene as well as his long-lasting partnership with the BEMANI series of games. Split amongst four discs are songs and remixes both old, new and unreleased. The first disc features a selection of tracks from previous S2TB Recordings releases, the second disc contains brand new remixes, and the third and fourth discs cover some of the harder-to-find songs that kors k has put out in the past. It was released at the Comic Market 93 event.

Album Information

S2TB Files Best&Rare Archives
Artist kors k S2TBFilesBest.jpg
Release Date 12/29/2017
Catalog Number S2TB-0023
Published by S2TB Recording
Track List
Title Artist From
Disc 01: The Best of S2TB
01. Party You Up kors k&MAYA Xenna EP
02. Are You Ready kors k feat.Yukacco S2TB Files3:Subsonic Tribe
03. Rock kors k S2TB Files2:Activate
04. Masquerade Disconation J-RAVE Nation
05. Start Again kors k Beats!!
06. Purple Haze kors k S2TB Files2:Activate
07. Love Is Eternity (2018 Extended) kors k beatmania IIDX 10th style
08. Ladies&Gentlemen! kors k feat.MC STONE S2TB Files3:Subsonic Tribe
09. Feel Like Flying kors k S2TB Files5:HDM
10. ALIVE kors k&MAYA Xenna EP2 Dark One
11. On The Beat kors k feat.Yukacco S2TB Gathering2014 EP
12. Sticker kors k&MAYA Xenna EP
13. Jugem kors k S2TB Files3:Subsonic Tribe
14. Programmed Universe kors k DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX
15. Hey Hey Eagle S2TB Files4:Eagle
16. Clione 2018 kors k beatmania IIDX 4th style

Composition & Arrangement: kors k (All tracks)
Vocals: Yukacco (2, 11), MC STONE (8)

Disc 02: New Remixes
01. Xenna (Hommarju Remix) kors k&MAYA Xenna EP
02. I Wanna Dance (Full On VIP) kors k vs lapix S2TB Files7: Battle Royale
03. Renegade (Mitomoro Remix) teranoid S2TB Files6:teranoid
04. Rockin' Movin' (Zekk Remix) kors k SKETCH BOOK! ANTHOLOGY 2
05. Falling Down (Kiraku Remix) Eagle S2TB Files4:Eagle
06. Forbidden Noise (Akira Complex Remix) kors k&MAYA Xenna EP2 Dark One
07. As One (Masayoshi Iimori Remix) The 4th feat.Yukacco The 4th EP
08. Raving Zone (Dustvoxx Remix) kors k ワールドスーパーテック大戦Quatrieme
09. おやすみ (YUC'e Version) kors k feat.吉河順央 Sooopiyo EP
10. Rush!! (元気くんバンドRemix) kors k feat.吉河順央 GuitarFreaks XG3 & DrumMania XG3
jubeat copious APPEND

Composition: kors k (All tracks), lapix (2), Ryu☆ (7)
Remix: Hommarju (1), kors k (2), lapix (2), Mitomoro (3), Zekk (4), Kiraku (5), Akira Complex (6), Masayoshi Iimori (7), Dustvoxx (8),
YUC'e (9), DJ Genki (10)
Vocals: Yukacco (7, 10), YUC'e (9)
Tr.10 Instruments: DJ Genki (Guitar), Camellia (Bass), JAVELIN (Drums)

Disc 03: Rare Tracks
01. Final Dance feat.kors k rest or stay? music
02. Raver's High kors k & numb'n'dub レイヴ大戦コンピレーション 3rd
03. Follow Me StripE SCALD -greed-
04. Rouge kors k vs Dirty Androids Moments
05. Chasing of Love kors k Visitors
06. Last Love (Unreleased Version) Caramel Pod House Nation Terminal Disco
07. Bass Bitches StripE JP-H/D #05
08. Grey kors k Ultra Hitech 02
09. Fireball Eagle a.k.a. kors k WE ARE THE BOSS
10. 10-4 kors k HARDCORE SYNDROME X
11. Red Face Sausage StripE JP-H/D #01
12. Everything kors k HARDCORE SYNDROME 9
13. Brilliant Skies kors k vs DJ CHAMP Brilliant Skies
14. Raving Zone kors k ワールドスーパーテック大戦Quatrieme
15. Palace kors k RADIAL

Composition & Arrangement: kors k (All tracks), rest or stay? (1), Numb'n'dub (2), Dirty Androids (4), DJ K.Ando (6)
Vocals: Numb'n'dub (2), kors k (6, 13)

Disc 04: Rare Remixes
01. Schranz K (Remixed by kors k) DJ TECHNORCH BOSS ON PARADE REMIXES
02. White Beach (StripE Remix) adukuf White Beach EP
03. Beyond the Limits feat. Luschel (kors k Remix) lapix Beyond The Limits
04. Children's Madness (StripE Remix) MAD CHILD CHILDREN'S MADNESS REMIXES
06. Yayey (kors k Remix) Shandy Kubota ShandyBass 2
07. Above The Influence (StripE Remix) Blockbuster Above The Influence Remix EP
08. Helios (StripE Remix) Akira Complex The Synthesis Collective
09. ways to her Libero Lycoris
10. Phantom Ensemble kors k 流麗祭彩2
11. Are You Ready (Akira Complex Remix) kors k feat.Yukacco S2TB Files3:Subsonic Tribe
Limited Bonus CD
12. Ladies&Gentlemen! (Hommarju Remix) kors k feat.MC STONE S2TB Files3:Subsonic Tribe
Limited Bonus CD
13. See The Lights (Rhythmics Remix) StripE Unreleased remix

Composition: DJ TECHNORCH (1), adukuf (2), lapix (3), MAD CHILD (4), ZUN(Team Shanghai Alice) (5, 9, 10),
Shandy Kubota (6), Blockbuster (7), Akira Complex (8), kors k (11-13)
Arrangement: kors k (1-10), Akira Complex (11), Hommarju (12), Rhythmics (13)
Vocals: Luschel(3), Yukacco (11), MC STONE (12)

Produced by kors k
Disc.01 Tr.7,14,16 and Disc.02 Tr.10 licensed by KONAMI Amusement
Designed by FAVGEAR
Mastered by Hedonist


  • S2TB Files Best&Rare Archives is part of the "S2TB Files" series of albums.

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