Ultra Hitech 02

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Ultra Hitech 02

Ultra Hitech 02 is the second compilation produced by lapix for the MEGAREX label, released during the Comiket 90 event. It is focused on psy/hi-tech tracks and features a long version of a BEMANI song from the SOUND VOLTEX series.

Album Information

Ultra Hitech 02
Artist Various Artists UHT02 jacket.jpg
Release Date 08/14/16
Catalog Number MRX-011
Published by MEGAREX
Track List
Title Artist From
01. Monkey Business (lapix Remix) kors k (remixed by lapix) SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection-
02. kannabis kultivation Camellia NEW
03. PSYCHED AGOSTO t+pazolite NEW
04. Grey kors k NEW
05. Live Nor Die lapix ft. Kanae Asaba NEW
06. Alpha Next ft. Nyankovsky Kobaryo NEW
07. axis MK NEW
08. Stab Launcher Hommarju NEW
09. No One is There DJ Noriken NEW
10. Ancient Relics xi NEW

Produced by lapix
Composers: lapix, Camellia, t+pazolite, kors k, Kobaryo/Nyankovsky, MK, Hommarju, DJ Noriken, xi
Vocals: Kanae Asaba (5)
Mastered by DJ Noriken
Track 1 licensed by KONAMI Digital Entertainment


  • Monkey Business (lapix remix) is the first song from a SOUND VOLTEX FLOOR remix contest that has appeared on an album.
    • It's also the first SOUND VOLTEX FLOOR remix contest song to have a released long version.
  • "Monkey Business" is referenced on the album's jacket.

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