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Song Information

サザエさん一家's pop'n music banner.

Artist: 千沢祐子
Composition: Kyohei Tsutsumi
Lyrics: Haruo Hayashi
Vocals: Yuko Sensawa
Guitars: Nazo²Suzuki
Original Artist: 宇野ゆう子
Album: サザエさん/サザエさん一家 (1969)
BPM: 88-92
Length: 1:21
pop'n music Genre: SAZAE-SAN (サザエさん)
pop'n music Character: Nyami [TV&ANIME-SAZAE-SAN]
pop'n CG design: Piu:KOHA
First Music Game Appearance: pop'n music 6
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



今日は楽しい 今日は楽しい ハイキング

ほらほら みんなの声がする
サザエさん サザエさん サザエさんは愉快だな

Song Connections / Remixes

  • An 8-bit version of サザエさん一家 by Gaku Hirose can be found in beatmania GB ガッチャミックス2.
  • A cover of サザエさん一家 appears in Toy's March 2. It is currently unknown if the Toy's March cover is the same one for pop'n music.


This song has different backgrounds, banners, jackets, or other related images. For more information, please see this page.
  • サザエさん一家 is the ending theme of the long running Sazae-san (サザエさん) anime series.
  • サザエさん一家 was one of the only two licenses in pop'n music 6 CS, the other being テレビ映画「吉宗評判記 暴れん坊将軍」BGM.
  • With its 5-Buttons chart rated Level 1, サザエさん一家 had one of the easiest charts on the main pop'n music series.
    • Also, サザエさん一家's Battle NORMAL chart was rated Level 2, the lowest rated Battle NORMAL chart in pop'n music.
    • サザエさん一家's 5-Buttons and Battle NORMAL charts share the record for the lowest notecount of any pop'n music chart, with 48 notes each.
  • サザエさん一家 was tied with Con te sabi 2119, STAR TREK, Theme of staff roll~special mix~, Viva!2000, and ミュージカル"5丁目物語"よりオーヴァチュア for last place at the poll named Let's make pop'n music 7 Together!, which was held on KONAMI's web site as to what songs should get a remix in pop'n music 7.
  • Before pop'n music 9, サザエさん一家's songwheel genre was サザエサン.
  • サザエさん一家's charts were made by ucchie.
  • In beatmania GB ガッチャミックス2, サザエさん一家's final animation randomly displays a hand in either rock, paper, or scissors.
    • This is a reference to the end of every Sazae-san episode since late 1991, where Sazae herself would end each episode with a round of jan-ken-pon with the viewer. (The original animation, which had been used since the series' beginning in 1969, had her catching a bean or rice cake in her mouth, but was replaced after worry that children would imitate the stunt and choke.)

Music Comment


Song Production Information


Character Information


Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania GB difficulty rated from 1 to 5.
pop'n music difficulty rated from 1 to 43 through pop'n music 20 fantasia. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from KANI KANI CRAB and Pop'n Music Fever.)


Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Normal Hard Another Normal Hard Another
Notecounts 223 - - - - -
beatmania GB ガッチャミックス2 3 - - - - -

pop'n music

Game Standard Battle
5-Buttons Normal Hyper EX Normal Hyper
Notecounts 48 164 217 399 48 172
pop'n music 6 2 8 10 19 ※N/A -
pop'n music 7 2 ↑10 ↑13 ↑24 ※8 -
pop'n music 8 2 10 13 24 2 8
pop'n music 9 ↓1 10 13 ↑25 2 8
pop'n music 10→17 THE MOVIE 1 10 ↑14 ↑27 2 8
pop'n music 6 CS 2 8 10 EX - -

※ The notecount of this chart correspond to the later HYPER chart of Battle Mode.