Sense 2007

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Sense 2007

Song Information

Artist: good-cool
Composition/Arrangement: good-cool
BPM: 140
Length: 1:59
Genre: RAVE
Movie: matsu@東京食堂 (arcade IIDX), VJ GYO (GOLD CS)
First Music Game Appearance: beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD
Other Music Game Appearances: None.



Song Connections / Remixes


  • Sense 2007 is the VIP ROOM ONE MORE EXTRA STAGE, with this song being the Black Room.
    • As such, Sense 2007 features a black-colored skin.
  • Much like and 嘆きの樹, when Sense 2007 is played as an ONE MORE EXTRA STAGE, the arcade LED marquee displays a different set of words: "WELCOME TO BLACK ROOM...IT'S PARTY TIME!!".
  • The "Queen of Sense" who appears in Sense 2007's video is Kumiko Araki, an iconic dancer who worked for clubs like JULIANA'S TOKYO and is considered a face of Japan's Bubble Generation.
  • In beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD CS, Sense 2007 uses a generic video to keep the game its A (all ages) rating from Japan's video game rating system, CERO.
  • Sense 2007 also appears as one of the background music selectable to play during Accel Rave Time (アクセルレイブタイム) in SEVEN'S BEAT (セブンスビート), a KONAMI medal redemption game.

Song Production Information


It's good-cool here! There was something odd that came to me when I knew someone worked in a certain building.
It's the fact that he's very dense and very carefree, but other times, he's plain and very blunt!!
Like the time when he would never use one certain elevator...
But anyway, from the staff of "beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD", the golden image wanted to be presented in a visual concept that only Rave could represent. It took a long time to do it, but it was a request, and I had to take it!
At the time of "3rd style", there were some people who wanted me to make a little sequel to the song "Sense".
Oddly, when I composed this song, TAKA gave me some harsh words regarding the song itself, this is very uncommon for him.
For once, I poured my heart, blood, and soul into administrating the arrangement of this one, I tried to be honest with myself and try and capture what I was going to make.
When you attach yourself to something so much where you can't even breathe, especially when it is something as little as a game, it can be a little too much! (laughs)
VJ GYO even had to tell me, "Sometimes, enough is enough!" But this time, I had to take a lot of time to make what I desired a reality.
The plan this time: a charismatic, legendary high ruling queen which is a calculating, future dominator of one world, I wanted the video for represent someone of high rulings and high status, as well.
As for the form of high status; I wanted it to be someone that's wrapped in brilliant "GOLD", someone with rhythm and style, and someone who is elegant, yet skilled with the Japanese fan.
So, we named her the Queen of Sense, but she's also the Queen of the Japanese fan, in a way, too!!
So what do you guys think? Everyone, by all means, please try to take on this song. It'll get you pumping, and the speed and difficulty will increase, too!!

P.S. The year which comes out while the movie and the song begins, it starts at 1999, and counts upwards and increases in number.
At the time, I made "Sense" with all my skills and efforts at the time, and at that time, it was the 20th century. What do you think now?
So now, it's now the 21st century. If this keeps going on under the special care it has received, can you imagine what it will be like in the future?
The title would be something like "Sense 22 (if you are a bit literal)"!!
However, I seriously doubt that I will be able to have the vigor and health I have now when I get old, but the music...I wonder what will happen to this 100 years later.

Video Production Information


Tokyo's Dining Room (#4). Seems you've always been under extensive care.
But how about now? (laughs)

So my latest work is "Sense 2007",
Originally, when good-cool said he wanted to make the 1999 edition of "Sense" his top work, he dreamed that the "brilliant", "rhythmic", master of elegance appearance (from what GYO has said, anyway),
it was quite a praise to take over GYO's job after his previous VJ position when he made a song like this.
From what I've made; is it hardly, on scale, or possibly better than the image good-cool perceived...?

The person who writes and produces the video for the song shapes what the Sense queen looks like, even though it is an original photographic concept. But...
...well, the people who do both exceeds the imagination and makes it an actuality, sometimes the force is too much!
She is a queen, and she is an heir, but since it is modern, she doesn't want to be like her successors. She wants to be a dance master, and a queen of what is modern with the 21st Century.
Therefore, she is very active!
If you've seen some old movies where people live their lives like that, you'll probably understand.
But either way, I made this brilliant, rhythmic ruler is practically on top of the world.

It began with VJ GYO, and he knew the Yokota trading company, and how to do a "MAHARAJYA King&Queen" look with our production. So therefore, we could make the video in place of an almost literal "VIP ROOM"!!

But as of today, there are no adults who can capture the gorgeous and beautiful dance of "sense", which captures the "adult impression" as well as the freedom of those younger among us.

Difficulty & Notecounts

beatmania IIDX difficulty rated from 1 to 12. (Ratings and notecounts obtained from BEMANIWiki 2nd.)

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts 318 788 1179 1517 - 792 1179 1474 -
beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD→Present - 9 11 12 - 9 12 12 -
beatmania IIDX 14 GOLD CS 3 9 11 12 - 9 12 12 -
GOLD RUSH - Candy Galy - 電人、暁に斃れる。 - Sense 2007