Trace of Will

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Trace of Will

Trace of Will is Nhato's second full-length album, and the first to be released under the Diverse System circle. It serves as a best hits album, containing many of his tracks from earlier compilation albums, as well as an extended version and a remix of Beyond The Seven from beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ.

Album Information

Trace of Will
Artist Nhato Trace of Will.jpg
Release Date 12/31/2019
Catalog Number DVSP-0233,234
Published by Diverse System
Track List
Title Artist From
Disc 01
01. Forbidden Souls Nhato AD:TRANCE 3
02. Lamento Nhato AD:TRANCE4
03. Viola Nhato AD:TRANCE 5
04. Remind the Souls Nhato RADIAL
05. Veritas Nhato & Taishi STREAMS -AD:TRANCE BEST-
06. Omniscient Nhato AD:TRANCE 6
07. Lux Nhato AD:TRANCE 7
08. Angelus Nhato NEW
09. Eligo Nhato NEW
10. Filum Nhato NEW
Disc 02
01. Summer Waves Nhato AD:Electronic Dance 4
02. Voices Nhato AD:TRANCE2
03. Oblivio Nhato NEW
04. Beyond The Seven (Extended Mix) Nhato beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ
05. Lux (Yooh Remix) Remixed by Yooh AD:TRANCE 7
06. Angelus (Taishi Remix) Remixed by Taishi NEW
07. Veritas (Edelritter Remix) Remixed by Edelritter STREAMS -AD:TRANCE BEST-
08. Beyond The Seven (Maozon Remix) Remixed by Maozon beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ
09. Summer Waves (End of Summer Mix) Nhato AD:Electronic Dance 4
10. Forbidden Souls (onoken Remix) Remixed by onoken AD:TRANCE 3

Composer: Nhato
Remixer: Taishi, Yooh, Maozon, onoken, Edelritter
Photographer: Kisaragi
Photo Director: SoU
Design: 12d
Web: 2X
Produce: YsK439


  • Beyond The Seven and Beyond The Seven (Maozon Remix) do not appear on the digital version of Trace of Will.

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